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Legacy work

Hello All!
  Thought I would share 2 projects of mine with you.
  I find this very relaxing. It doesn't allow me to have many thoughts as I am focused on my painting. I usually listen to music on Spotify while I paint beside a window and soak up all that natural light as well.
 The pottery place I go to allows one to pick your piece and take paints home to paint. I have been doing this since I began chemo and ended it too. It helped me so much during those times. This has often helped me clear my head as well. I love it as I am painting pieces I want to leave for special people in my life.
 Let me know what you think.


  • @Strongwoman Precious gifts for those you love;  your pieces are meant to be looked at, held, and cherished, a forever connection to you. 
    Your ongoing posts about your Legacy work speak to the sensitivity of anticipating the impact your loss will have particularly on your young sons (who typically don’t use words comfortably) and finding ways for them to connect with their feelings. You’re a wise and loving mamma @Strongwoman
  • Strongwoman
      Thank you!  I did a session yesterday with 2 other ladies from my Hospice group. We used raw clay and were designing wind chimes for loved ones.  I made mine for my parents, I believe the other girl was as well and the other lady for her son.  The owner gave us great instructions and encouragement. We stopped very briefly for a bite to eat and kept working.  All in all with instruction until we left we were there from 10:30am until 3:45pm and we worked at a good pace the entire time. When we went to pay we found out the owner had "gifted" us the entire session and food. So much kindness and generosity that is truly from the heart and restores faith in humanity as a whole. Especially as we all know that our circle of friends that stay the course with us starts dwindling and some we are surprised at.
      Now we wait for it to dry, get high fired (so it can withstand the weather outside) and then we go back to paint or glaze our pieces. From there we will put them together.  
      I will be going back to make my hubby one.
      My next project for my boys are chakra circles that will be crocheted and attached to hoops.  I will integrate crystals into them once finished. So getting there. Mostly a lot of writing to do.  
      Put their "Love you Forever" books in their totes today with my own little message which brought tears but that is to be expected.