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Avastin stopped

edited July 7 in Treatment
3 weeks ago my oncologist cancelled my dose of Avastin because my bloodwork showed a significant increase in my creatinine level. Yesterday it was stopped for good. Although my levels came down a bit, it was not enough to risk continuing with the drug.  So my taxel/carboplatin  was completed in Feb, I have not yet had a scan to see if or how, it reduced the tumours. Surgery was aborted last Oct/2022.  My oncologist did not seem to be hopeful that any other treatments would be considered, but he will “wait until we meet after the scan results are released”. This man does not ever offer any hope or encouragement.  I understand that he doesn’t want to offer any false hope, but he sees how  devastated this makes me feel, but he is too busy to take the time to talk to me. He really lacks compassion at times…..too often


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    @MaryCatherine You sound very frustrated on many levels. Is that a fair statement?  I understand why they stopped treatment buy it doesn't negate the feelings associated with coming to terms with it. 
    When is your next scan or when did you have one if you are waiting results? What do you think or feel the Scan will reveal? 
    Are there any trials that are a match for you or have you not discussed that yet?
    When we find out no options are left (hopefully not your case) it comes with a lot to process. This takes time and let it. It is a lot.
    Hoping you can find some common ground with your Oncologist and get the answers you need.  If not, reach out to your GP and see what resources may be available to you to assist with the feelings you have been experiencing and allow you to move forward. My thoughts are with you.
  • This is just ongoing frustration.  Every now and then I have a good appt with him, then I have one when he’s a jerk, I just don’t get his lack of empathy.  Usually he tries to end an appt when I have been crying,  with a hug.  Not what I want!  I need him to be professional but kind….always!  I am having  a CT scan this Monday, and only because my GP ordered it.  My oncologist kept saying he was going to order one but didn’t.  He also said at the last 2 appts that he was going to refer me to a medical oncologist….. but hasn’t .  I do not have a good feeling about the results of this scan, but no wonder, I get very little encouragement.  Physically I feel really good, so much better than the last several years, but emotionally I’m a wreck. Thanks for listening 
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    @MaryCatherine It is so tough. You must feel "stuck". Not moving forward nor moving backwards. Frustration with the lack of direction and the ones in authority "dropping the ball" so you speak which delays everything further.  Have you inquired about speaking with someone regarding the emotional piece of this? Perhaps asking your medical doctor?  Here is always great and sometimes we need a little extra help. Do you know and can say definitively what you want from the Oncologist? Have you asked for it or feel it isn't worth it?  I, have been quite vocal when it comes to those who treat me and if I will continue with them. Thankfully I have one wonderful Oncologist who recognizes that and let's me see just them. Believe I did try with 2 others but it didn't turn out well at all.
    I say for this weekend.....go enjoy and do some things that bring you joy. Fill up your cup, put the rest of it aside for now as nothing will change over the weekend.
  • @MaryCatherine. This must be draining you. It takes a lot to stand up to a brick wall over and over again, especially when your energy is low. It’s had, but I wonder if you can put all that frustration and fear into a a box and leave it just for today. It’s still all there, and you can go back to it, but it might open a space for you to focus on the physical side, where you feel good. Do things to nurture the strength there. Be gentle with yourself 
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      Checking in to see how you are doing and if you have any updates you would like to share.
    Thinking of you....
  • Thank you for asking. I did get a really good report from Mondays scan. I have no mets other than in my abdomen, and all the tumours have responded very well to the chemo.  My GP was grinning from ear to ear when he gave me the report. It took a few days for everything to sink in, and I’m still processing the info. I did get a call from my oncologist’s office, and have an appt with him on Friday.  So we’ll see what he has to say, whether or not there will be any further treatment at this time or not.  Realistically, I know this cancer has a nasty habit of recurring, but for now I’ll let my shoulders start to relax, and thank God for this blessing.
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    @MaryCatherine That is amazing news!  How wonderful for you!  I am sure it will take a bit to sink in. Bet it was wonderful for your GP to be able to deliver that news to you. It will definitely be a processing time for you. Be gentle with yourself and take it day by day.  Enjoy every day and you will find yourself letting your "guard" down slowly and confidently.
    So amazing and thanks for sharing/updating!