Webinar on November 15, 2017 on ovarian cancer: Want to learn more?

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Wednesday, November 15 at 12 noon EST, Ovarian Cancer Canada is hosting a live webinar called "Ovarian Cancer 101".  
Speaker:  Dr. Prafull Ghatage, Gynecologic Oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary.  

This presentation will include an overview of ovarian cancer, subtypes of the disease including the connection to genetic mutations, different responses to treatment, what to watch for regarding recurrence and new treatment opportunities.

Register here:  http://ovariancanada.org/events-support/go-online-for-support/webinar-series

Is there something you would like to discuss about ovarian cancer during this webinar?



  • Since the majority of diagnosis are made in late stages; what is the time frame for advancement of each stage?  

    Is there culpability when a physician’s decision to do nothing results in a later stage dx?

  • Details and information about staging can be found here:
    And there is lots of information in the By Your Side support manual. 

    If you missed the webinar, you can listen to the previous ones recorded here: 
  • Thank you, @Flowergirl.
    I have read this, and while it's informative, it doesn't give any indication of timelines.  I've read that it an be very quick progression between stages, and I find it atrocious that despite this, doctors still insist on just 'watching' suspicious ovarian cysts. Every one agrees that ovarian cancer cannot be verified until surgery... but the response is still too often 'let's wait and see'... or 'it's highly unlikely to be cancerous - most are not - so no worries'.  
  • Hi @AlbertaKat.  I did ask your questions of our speaker on the webinar.  Here is a summary of his response.
    1)  It is hard to quantify but he mentioned it could progress quite quickly - around 6 months
    2) The speaker suggested that if a doctor is not responding in a way you think is appropriate or reasonable to go to another doctor.

    Did women from OVdialogue listen in to the presentation?  What comments do you have?  (An evaluation is being sent to all participants too).
  • Thank you Marilyn.  I have an appointment to meet a new doctor tomorrow morning.