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Any suggested questions to ask Gynecologist in first discussion of biopsy results?

Newly diagnosed at very late stage with lung metastases 2 weeks ago (June 5) and will not see the gynecological oncologist until June 28. But I have just been told that the first consulting gynecologist will phone me tomorrow with my Biopsy results. This isn't the specialist, but since she is phoning me, I assume it still makes sense to ask her some questions; I just don't know what I should ask!  She seemed very nice when I met her the day after my Emergency room diagnosis but all she did was an internal  swab, and told me she would be my point person until I could get in to see the gynecological oncologist. I'm assuming results she's phoning to give me are from last week's the  CT guided pelvic biopsies (June 12). 

I'm guessing I should ask about
--high grade or low grade?
--cell type 1 to 3?
--what genetic mutations did they test for?  (like BRCA, just tumour or germline, etc.)

Are there other questions I should ask this first person? (She seemed so nice that I think she would try to tell me what she could, while emphasizing she is not the oncologist specialist.)

As I've said, I'm totally new at all this and know very little except that all the suggestions are that my case is "very very bad" because it was detected so late. But I've finally stopped the last 2 weeks of mere weeping and I want to at least try to ask intelligent questions that might provide some guidance as to whether or not I have any choices, however limited they may be.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to chip in with suggestions of any type at all!


  • Strongwoman
      I, personally, when meeting for the first time, let them lead and tell me what they need to say. I usually have questions from there and sometimes they answer some when they initiate the conversation.
     Your line of thinking for questions are great. Perhaps asking what length of time you should expect waiting to see Gyn Onc? In the meantime, what are concerning signs or symptoms to look for and who do you inform or go straight to ER? What would their suggestions be and what would they do in your same situation? Is there anything medically you can take in the meantime for cancer itself, anxiety, symptom management, sleep? 
     You are doing amazing. I remembering crying a lot in the beginning as well. I still do but not as often. It is a grieving process and if you think about it and treat it like that, I bet you will be kinder to yourself. Allow the process to happen. You can do this.
    If it's a telephone call, nothing wrong with hopping on computer and asking a question here if needed. There is usually someone on at different times of the day. If not, it will get figured out.
      Now go sleep as best you can. Look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.