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Travel with OC - Tips and Resources

mjmck21 Legacy
edited April 2023 in Resources
Let's talk about traveling with ovarian cancer.  We had some discussion last week on our Thursday monthly chat but wanted to make it an ongoing discussion topic. The OCC webinar on travel insurance is no longer on the site as it is out of date now. I have checked previous threads but it does become dated quickly. So friends, are any of you traveling overseas?
How are you managing travel medical Insurance? Have you found providers who are willing to insure you while still in treatment?  Do you have any trusted advisors/travel agents in your provinces that you would recommend? Do you have any other tips and tricks to manage fatigue or other issues like COVID-19  that have came up?  Great experiences, accommodations, or sightseeing that you want to share? Any reliable resources to share? 

I will start. I am planning to travel to either to the UK or France at the end of May beginning of June. I'm Stage 4 HGSOC, 1st recurrence and in treatment but want to travel now while I am still mobile. I don't have travel medical insurance yet and realize I likely won't be covered for cancer related medical events however I'm not sure what that includes. I'nm in Ontario. Has anyone had success obtaining medical travel insurance? With which company? What was covered or excluded? And were premiums accessible? Do you have a good travel agent (i'm in Ontario) with experience in this area. ( I have always traveled independently and arranged all travel myself so never needed one)
Was anyone unable to find insurance and just went without it? 

Thanks everyone.


  • GloHo
    @mjmck21 Thanks for getting this going again! 

    I have heard quite a few people (a variety of cancers and stages as well as from across Canada) have had success with MEDI-QUOTE. My understanding is that it is a travel broker, so you give them all the information and they do the leg work for you! I haven't traveled since Covid so I have not used this company myself but I will definitely call them first when my schedule allows for a vacation. 

    Hope this helps. If anyone tries this service, let us know how it goes. 
  • Strongwoman
      Thank you for starting this.  I have not traveled myself but a couple of things I have learned from someone who recently has......they required notes regarding being radioactive to go through customs due to recent testing or radiation that they have had as they faced possibly setting the sensors off.  It was something I had not even thought about or new about so thought it was worth mentioning.
      This same person was unable to get insurance and travelled without it so cannot offer any info there.  
    I am very curious as to what this thread will bring and what there is or is not available to many of us.
    Thank you again for the beginning this!
  • mjmck21
    Thank you @Strongwoman and @GloHo . I will be sure to post what I learn. It's certainly different from what I needed to consider pre diagnosis. 
  • lel5
    edited May 8

    Hi! Just wanted to know if anyone had any new tips or resources to share on this topic. Travelling again was what mentally got me through my treatment and now I am facing the complex reality of the logistics to make it happen.


  • GloHo


    I do not have anything new to add…Just wanted to say Hi.

    How exciting that you are planning to travel. Have you decided where you are going?

  • Strongwoman
    Strongwoman Moderator

    How wonderful @lel5 to be planning again some travel. Where do you have your sites set this time around and for how long will you be gone? Have you undergone some treatment in between these travels? How have you been feeling/doing?

    I don't have any tips or tricks either. Like @GloHo I wanted to say hello and check in with you. It is nice to hear when ladies are up to travel and hear where they are going. It is like a beacon of light for those of us that are unable to for whatever reason. Hearing and seeing some pics brings lightness to one's day. If you feel up to sharing some with us, we would love to see some pics when you get back,

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Take care