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My son in law was dx’d with bowel cancer

3 months ago my (former) son in law was diagnosed with bowel cancer, during a visit to the emergency department for his on going abdominal pain. (This is an example of someone who waited too long to seek medical attention).  A local general surgeon was assigned to his case and felt he could successfully remove the cancer, so a surgery date was made. Before an incision was made a scope was inserted into his penis, and the surgeon realized the cancer had spread to his bladder. He felt Dave would be better in the hands of a specialist.  He met with the specialist 2 weeks and was told that he was the # 1 priority…..he hasn’t heard back from anyone yet. This is unacceptable.  Today, I learned that a cousin of mine went to the hospital in London that our cancer clinic is part of, and learned that she has bowel cancer, she’s having surgery tomorrow.  Dave is 49 and my cousin is 62, I don’t get the discrepancy.


  • @MaryCatherine
      I am sad to hear of both of those stories.  My only suggestion as to why there is a discrepancy is this, with one of them they have made a discovery of another organ involved and a important one at that. While the latter one sounds like they are fairly confident that it is bowel cancer and no other investigations have been made or discovered.  Your former son-in-law may have a team involvement which could include a general surgeon/oncologist and by the sounds of it possibly a urologist.  They will be discussing their findings and the best route(s) or treatment solutions for him and they may not have those answers yet.  Kindly keep in mind, this is going solely on what you have written and my best educated guess.  
     It is frustrating for sure and I believe from your post that is coming across as to how you are feeling.  I wish I could take it away but can't.  As for your son-in-law, his best bet is to document and do follow ups if he feels he has been forgotten about.  In the meantime, there are programs like that can help if he is having difficulty while waiting.
      I hope he receives either some answers soon or some contact as to next steps soon.
    Take care
  • I believe you are right that the quicker surgical case was either dire or simple. I just feel so bad for Dave as he normally lives alone, but my daughter and their children are being very helpful to him, and are very supportive in other ways. Dave is now staying with his brother and his wife, which is awesome, but he is having a hard time eating and has lost a tremendous amount of weight. He lives on pedialyte.  It just seems like this cancer epidemic has exploded lately, and the need for drs and treatment are huge.  Thanks for your insight. 
  • @MaryCatherine
      So sad to hear this. Has he tried doing powdered Veggie Green product that is mixed with water?  I use it daily with my Restoralax to ensure I am getting something when my appetite is low.  I seem to be able to tolerate it in the morning.  My elderly Aunt takes the Pedialyte freezies and adds it to hot water like a tea for a change when she has a severe bout of her diverticulitis. Would he be able to tolerate or like Jello or homemade/store bought applesauce?  Doing my best to think of some things that I do when I get in a bad episode and things that are tolerable for myself.  Some of the protein powders can be difficult on the digestive system but some are out there that are easier to process.  I also found that I was able to tolerate the packaged oatmeal with almond milk in the mornings.  I used a lot of the milk to make it a consistency to be able to go down better.  It is so hard when one does not feel well and sometimes the smells of foods turns one off too. I craved melons when I came home from my major surgery as it was both the coolness and sweetness mixed with the water content that made it good to eat and felt good in my GI system.
      I do agree with your last statement, it is really unbelievable in some ways the amount of people that are being diagnosed with cancers or varying types and the time in between initial diagnosis to the next person.  One does wonder what is going on and why. I do my best not to focus too much on the latter as I was like most, a healthy person prior to all this.  I do thank my lucky stars every day for it as I believe it is what has helped keep my strength up during it all.  Some days are much more difficult than others but one foot in front of the other to start on those "bad" days.
      Wishing your former brother-in-law some answers soon and if nothing else, some more variations of nutrition to get into his system while he waits.
  • Where can you get the Veggie Green. I live close to London, not sure if you do as well, but where can this product be purchased? Thank you so much for your information and suggestions.  I hope you are doing ok. I have caught up with your update posts, and I think I’m about a year behind you, so I really am interested in your symptoms, testing and treatments. Keep well and enjoy the sunshine today

  • @Strongwoman @MaryCatherine

    MaryCatherine I'm sorry to hear about those members of your family and nice that Strongwoman was able to offer some suggestions to you, but as a reminder do ensure anything recommended by our members should always include consulting with the patient's cancer care team for suitability before use and, a secondary reminder that while many of our members so have life event experience with other forms of illness, this site is intended only for discussion relative to patients and survivors of ovarian cancer.  You may find it beneficial to reach out to the Canadian Cancer Society. They have a similar message board with broader appeal than ours.   

  • @MaryCatherine
      You can find Veggie Greens/Fruits at a variety of places like Popeye's or even Costco.  As @Fearless_Moderator has stated, if there are any treatments currently ongoing (ie/chemo, radiation, other meds) it is always best to check in with your care team and/or pharmacist.  
      Thank you also for your concern re: my condition
    I am including pictures of the front of the ones I have used so that you can use them as a reference and to do research on them yourself.

  • @Fearless_Moderator @Strongwoman. I am so sorry I forgot the protocol on sticking to ov discussions, and I totally get the reason why. I was just surprised at how one person could get such immediate medical attention and someone else has been waiting for so long. But this was not the appropriate forum for detailing other cancer issues. Could I delete the post? Not sure how to do that. Once again I apologize for this
  • @MaryCatherine no apologies needed.  Thanks for understanding