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Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)

Before being diagnosed with OV cancer stage 3, I had really low platelet counts. The 6 chemotherapy treatments have impacted the platelet counts and I was on a high dose of Prefnisone for 3 months then switched to Revolade (Eltromopeg) 50 mg but was increased to 75 mg to complete the 6th chemotherapy treatment. 

My oncologist is not placing me on a maintenance drug because of the fluctuations in platelet counts and this is a concern to me. I still have my spleen and did reach out to my hematologist to advise if any advancements and/or testing has changed in 25 years for a splenectomy.

Any additional information, shared experiences or leads are greatly appreciated.

with gratitude,


  • Hi Andrea 
    Welcome to our community.  I''m always happy to meet new members but, at the same  time, sad for the cause that connects us all.
    I have experienced low platelet counts over the 6+ years I've been in treatment but not to the extent you have.  Hopefully there are members out there who share your experience and will be helpful to you. But in the meantime, if you  haven't already, input some of the key words about the condition into the search bar and if there have been any historical conversations on the topic they should pop up.

    Good luck in your search and treatment.