My journey with a food therapy

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with recurrent Low grade serous OC, stage 3b. I have had many Surgeries, chemo, meds etc....and now, my oncologist said to me "there is nothing more we can do right now given the extent of the cancer in my peritoneum, no surgery at this time either..." so I looked at alternative treatment and settled on Gerson therapy.
I will go to a clinic in Mexico from April 13th to 28th, then follow the protocol of juicing and eating an organic plant based diet for 2 years , which will require up to 12 freshly pressed juices and 3 meals per day, 3 to 4 coffee enemas per day, and many supplements, ingesting 15 to 20 lbs of organic produce per week!

My oncologist gave me the green light to do this, so it's a go!

I will post my progress here, and can answer questions. If you want to know more about this therapy, go to 

Wish me luck!


  • Good luck @Sylviequebecbc, I will be following with avid interest.
    It sounds like a huge commitment, and I'm sending support as you give it a go. I sure hope it has the effect you are wanting.
  • @Sylviequebecbc
    Wow, what a commitment you've made and I'm so glad your oncologist has been engaged and supports the effort.  You hear of so many of these 'treatments' that are off the wall and often very expensive and only turn out to be a cash grab. 
    I am so hopeful for you that you have some positive results so I look forward to you documenting this journey for our members under this discussion stream.
    Bon chance mon amie   <3
  • To those who may be investigating alternative therapy please be reminded that OCC, our sponsor, and OVdialogue do not recommend engaging in alternative therapy without the support of your oncology team.  
  • Looking forward to the updates.  How do you 'follow' a post?
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