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Has anyone tried Rick Simpson Oil Suppositories (RSO)?

Now that pot products are legal in Canada, I keep reading about tumors shrinking with the use of RSO suppositories.  They are a blend of multi-strain plants and a 4:1 ratio of THC to CBD.  I've never used pot or other mind-altering drugs and I don't want to get high and was told that the suppositories minimize or prevent the high. Has anyone got first-hand experience with this?  I got the name of a legit resource in Montreal another woman used (Corrie Yelland) and her tumors did shrink and eventually become NED.  I have read a lot of seemingly legit testimonies about it - no guarantees but am considering trying it. Let me know your experience with it if anyone has used it, thanks. 


  • Strongwoman
      I, myself, had not heard of it at all until you mentioned it in your post. You mentioned you were considering trying it.  If so, I do hope that you initiated dialogue with your team about its use and whatever treatment you are currently on as well.  If not, I would strongly urge you to do so.
    I did look it up and found this website about it and hope you find it useful in making a decision.
    Rick Simpson oil for cancer: What is it, and does it work? (

    It is always best to discuss alternative therapies with your team BEFORE you start to utilize them.