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How many are here in B.C.?

I am Barb from Abbotsford. Cancer has come back and chemo starts soon. Did you know they do not recommend surgery for recurrence?
Also, had mammogram done and now Breast CAncer.I feel like there is too much cancer in my body this time to control. 
Would like to hear from anyone in B.C.


  • Strongwoman
      Good Morning. I am not in Abbotsford but have visited there and loved it. What's the weather out there look like for the weekend?
      As for the statement about surgery and recurrence, it can be an individual assessment and decision based on your history, type of cancer you have and stage.
    They also look at the location of where the spread or "seeding" has occurred. In some cases it is to vast meaning too many locations and they feel that opening you back up again could possible worsen what is already occurring OR due to the locations it is not safe to do.  It is a very hard to accept when you hear the words of it being off the table for you. What I can say is that you are not alone for that part of it and I, personally, am in the same boat. The only way they would open me up again would be if it risks outweighed the benefit in a more emergent situation. But I know for myself that situation is highly unlikely.
     When do you start uour chemo? What combo will you be receiving? How are you feeling about it emotionally and what you face physically?
     It sounds like you are battling a couple of things at once. How is your body handling it? How are you doing mentally?  Supports in place for either to assist you in getting through this part of your journey? Don't forget you can always contact Wellspring and that can assist you should you be experiencing any difficulties or need some support. Maintaining  a log and talking g to your team about how you were in between treatments will be helpful to you as well.
     Wishing you minor side effects and the strength to carry on this next phase of your treatment. 
     Take care
  • Thankyou Strongwoman. I will be back on carbo/taxol. Just had another chest and pelvic scan and another mammogram at the hospital. So many things going on. Yes, I am scared. HAve had my affairs in order for some time now. Even letters to the kids and grandkids. Not finished yet but its coming along, with my journal.
  • Strongwoman
      You are doing amazing! You are further ahead of me with legacy stuff. So be proud of what you have accomplished. 
      I don't think we would be human of weren't scared. It is fear of unknown, what's to come etc and very valid feelings. 
     Keep continuing on your journey. We are here for when you get your results and are ready to share them. 
      All the best of this beautifully sunny day.
  • Good morning ladies,
    I too live in BC, but my oncologist is in Calgary AB because I live in the East Kootenays. I have LG serous OC and my recurrence happened in 2019, and because it was still limited in my abdomen, I had surgery then followed by 6 cycles of Carbo/taxo chemo, another scan, and 2 more cycles of chemo stopped because I reacted to Carbo big time... since then, I was put on Tramitinib for 3 months, the first oral chemo showing some positive results for low grade OC but no, did not helped me so they stopped all my meds, "taking a break", told me they cannot do anything new, not looking good for another surgery, chemo only works 10% of the time for this cancer so not likely doing that again (which I do not want anymore given that it hasn't helped me in the past), so yes, it is scary! I am looking at natural therapies right now, hoping for the best. Big hugs 💕
  • Strongwoman
     I feel for you and we have similar journeys and diagnosis. You lasted longer on the Trametinib than I did, mine was 2 weeks.
    How are you doing with the natural therapies?  I look forward to your posts to see what options I may or may not have. My monthly follow up is at the end of the month. Not sure what news I will receive re:kidney function then. 
      The walk is scary and the unknown can take us lots of places. We are here anytime. For today, I am enjoying the sunshine and the smell of spring.