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Hello, I tried to access this web site a few months ago but I'm a bit tech challenged. I'm mid-way through my chemo for ovarian cancer(mucinous) and don't really have anyone close to talk to. I live alone and don't have any children. I was supposed to talk with a social worker today but she cancelled last minute, so I'm trying this site again. I'm not sure how this works...


  • StrongwomanStrongwoman Peer Support Vol
      Welcome to the group and it looks like your attempt was successful.
      First, if you have not already here is how to get your free printed or digital copy of "By My Side".
      That must have been upsetting and disappointing for you to have your support have to cancel, something must have come up unexpected for them. It sounds like you were looking forward to it and needed it.  Is the social worker set up to be your support or to help set you up with some?
     How are you doing with your treatment emotionally, mentally and physically?
    Is there anything specific you are wanting more info on?
      Here, you are not alone, the Teal Sisters are here right side along you on your own unique journey.
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