Hello to all,
I will be starting GEM & BEV in a couple of weeks.  Any tips on what to expect?  I was surprised at how often I’ll be receiving the GEM (once a week for the 1st 3 weeks of every 4 week cycle) and BEV just once per 4 wk. cycle.  Have many of you had success with this combo? 


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      Have you been able to find any answers to the question you posted?  
     I am not on the same type of treatment as your self due to yours being HGSC and mine LGSC.
      I would suggest typing the drug name in the search bar to see if any threads from other ladies come up. I did a quick search before I replied to you and quickly reading, it looks like the Gem seems to cause some vein pain and many ladies have already or had gotten a port put in to reduce this. I would also believe to preserve some of your veins due to the frequency of treatment. If you do not have one already, I would inquire with your team about getting one if possible.
      My quick search also showed the Bev is more commonly called Avastin. There is a lot of ladies on that as well so there will be threads of past posts if you type that in the search bar.
       If you do not either hear from the other ladies about that or see in past threads any info on that combo, perhaps sharing your experience may help someone else in the future.
     I wish you the most minimal side effects to treatment and a reduction in anxiety surrounding starting it. It is difficult when we start something new and then as we find out how our own bodies react to it.
     Hope this helps some and keep us posted, please.
     Take care

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