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Hello to all,
I will be starting GEM & BEV in a couple of weeks.  Any tips on what to expect?  I was surprised at how often I’ll be receiving the GEM (once a week for the 1st 3 weeks of every 4 week cycle) and BEV just once per 4 wk. cycle.  Have many of you had success with this combo? 


  • @LUCY_BC
      Have you been able to find any answers to the question you posted?  
     I am not on the same type of treatment as your self due to yours being HGSC and mine LGSC.
      I would suggest typing the drug name in the search bar to see if any threads from other ladies come up. I did a quick search before I replied to you and quickly reading, it looks like the Gem seems to cause some vein pain and many ladies have already or had gotten a port put in to reduce this. I would also believe to preserve some of your veins due to the frequency of treatment. If you do not have one already, I would inquire with your team about getting one if possible.
      My quick search also showed the Bev is more commonly called Avastin. There is a lot of ladies on that as well so there will be threads of past posts if you type that in the search bar.
       If you do not either hear from the other ladies about that or see in past threads any info on that combo, perhaps sharing your experience may help someone else in the future.
     I wish you the most minimal side effects to treatment and a reduction in anxiety surrounding starting it. It is difficult when we start something new and then as we find out how our own bodies react to it.
     Hope this helps some and keep us posted, please.
     Take care

  • Well, here goes…..I’ve just been told that they’re going to stop my Avastin & Gemcitabine because of growth showing on my CT Scan.

    My question is: I’ve been on 1. Taxol & Carbo, 2. Abraxane & Carbo, 3. Caelyx & Carbo, and now on Avastin & Gemcitibine…..what is your guess as to what might be next.  I’m just curious.  I won’t find out til June 13th.

    Thx for your input ❤️


  • @LUCY_BC when my treatment using Gem and Avastin failed they put me on straight Gem.  I've only had one full cycle so far so waiting on getting one or two more after which they'll scan me to see if that is working.  If it isn't, then we haven't yet had the discussion about options available, other than having been told there's not much left to fall back on based on my history.  
  • Thank you so much for this info.  When you say one full cycle, how many times in a month did you receive Gem on it’s own?
  • also; why isn’t surgery an option for you?
  • @LUCY_BC 
    Once they put me on just Gem the cycles remained the same.  One treatment each week for three weeks and then a week off was one cycle.  As for surgery I'm seeing my Oncologist on Tuesday so that's on my list of questions.  I've included radiation and , of course, any trials out there recruiting or poised to start the recruitment process for which I meet the criteria for participation.  I'll probably update everyone at thsi weeks's Teal Thursday chat.
  • @Fearless_Moderator    I am so curious on any answers you got on the option of surgery, as well as answers to all your questions asked to your Oncologist?  I really hope you got some positive answers in continuing with some kind of treatment or surgical options.
  • @LUCY_BC I did have my appointment with my oncologist, along with the benefit of our Nurse Practitioner and another of the same who was in training but very sharp.  Surgery is basically out of the question.  My cancer is not limited to just a few specific tumors but all over my peritoneal cavity.  They tried to surgically fix my hernia two years ago and the wall of adhesions and cancer cells was too thick to allow them to get at the hernia.  So no surgical solutions for me at this point.  As for radiation, especially of the two tumors I can actually feel, it is  a possibility but as my oncologist said...why do it if you have no discomfort?  Good point.  The good news though is that my course of Gemcitabine seems to be having some positive effect so we'll continue that another few cycles and recheck at that point.  

  • I’ve got a hard decision to make.  I was recently hospitalized for a bowel obstruction.  Cancer not in the bowel but on the outside causing problems.  Surgery not an option because there’s too much cancer everywhere to heal properly.  I had an appointment with my Oncologist during my stay and was given a surprising prognosis, “weeks to months”!  I couldn’t believe it, because I felt good at this point….bowel unblocked.  Sounds like a blocked bowel can be quite chronic with advanced stage ovarian cancer.  I was still given chemo options BUT would probably cause more grief rather than quality of life.  Having chemo effects + the possibility of another obstruction would make recovery a lot harder and probably not extend my life much further, let alone give me quality of life.  It was a lot to take in!  My Oncologist has me resting my digestive system for a few weeks, prior to deciding on chemo.

    My husband and I have decided to let all my family & friends know of this prognosis……even though, in my eyes, it’s a ‘guesstimate’ and I hope to prove them wrong! I’m getting together with different groups of people, while I feel good, just incase things go array.  It was hard for them to hear the news, as much as it was to tell them.  

    My hospital stay was 10 days and I’ve been home for 5.  My energy level is climbing, but I do tire quickly. I have a calendar of events planned (visits to my home, park visits, FaceTime, Zoom, hopefully a restaurant for a nice lunch)   But all in all, I still have to make a chemo decision.  I think I’ll see where the next few weeks takes me, in how I feel……then decide.❤️

    Love Lucy❤️

    PS: I’m using humour as my coping strategy, after a huge stress releasing cry of course.  Humour is my life, and it makes everyone around me comfortable, including myself.  I’m just being Me.🥰

  • @LUCY_BC
     Oh Girl! Those are BIG decisions and sounds like "shocking" information to ha e received and to process. 
      I will tell you what my Palliative doctor said to me when I am fence sitting making a decision. " When you know for sure it will feel right and you will not hesitate and that's when you know what to do."  
     I have since done this with major decisions. Perhaps it may help you as well. 
    I understand very much where you are at. I base all my decisions on quality of life because that it what I want.
      You will do what is right for you and male the most of it.  I have faith in you. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and you will have your answer soon.
      Keep us posted. I will be thinking of you.🤗💕
  • Well, I’m still here…..woohoo !!  It’s been a month since I received my prognosis of weeks to months. I feel good.  I saw my Oncologist yesterday and was given months to year prognosis.  Doing the happy dance here!!  I realize that they can’t really predict ‘when’, but hearing this, was what I needed to feel some hope.  We’re going to re-look at chemo the beginning of Oct.  Just enjoy the summer and see how I feel in the early fall.  I want to take advantage of feeling good, because that could change in a minute. Thx for listening.❤️
  • @LUCY_BC
      This is amazing news! I would be doing the happy dance as well with that information.  You enjoy every minute of feeling good and all the things you will be able to do because you feel good.  I am "over the moon" with joy for you!
      Hope you are enjoying something fun this weekend!
  • @LUCY_BC What wonderful news! Yes, time to dance, enjoy every moment. I hope your summer is a big breath of pleasures, all the things that bring a smile to your face. May this be a time of calm and predictability, the two things you need and deserve. All good wishes to you @LUCY_BC.