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Talc and ovarian cancer

The article my cousin sent me is in French, but all it says is that the use of talc has been linked to ovarian cancer and that Johson and Johson will stop the selling of their baby powders with talc.

Here is the link:


  • Strongwoman
      Thank you for that.  I had read that in English somewhere and not too long ago. Thank you for sharing the link.
  • Hi Silvia, yes talc is a cause of ovarian cancer.  I used it for 25 years in that area to help psoriasis. 
    There is a class action lawsuit happening with a very good Laywer in Toronto.  The suit is now going to mediation in the states. If you’d like any info please let me know.  I wish you all the best.  
  • Strongwoman
      Can you send me some info or link on that?
    I used to use it a lot when I was younger (baby powder) when using menstrual pads the pads irritated my skin and I was itchy and sore.  Not sure if it would be a cause of my cancer or not.
  • @strongwomen I was itchy and sore (swollen) as well. Do you have an email I could send the info to?
    I did the genetic testing and was told I have lynch syndrome.  Did you have genetic testing? So my ovarian cancer could have been from gal or the gene.  

  • @strongwomen Talc not gal.  You can go on to the government of Canada website and I see that the info is posted there as well.  Hugs 
  • Strongwoman
      Same. Have had 2 sets of genetic testing done. They can find no identifiable genetic mutations in order to do targeted therapy. I have LGSC which is acting aggressively. I have primary peritoneal cancer and was Stage 3C when found. They treat it the same as Ovarian Cancer. It's why I am not sure if I would or would not be in the category that is set out for the class action lawsuit. I don't know the parameters of what is included or not included. So any information would be welcomed. When I read the post before I didn't give it much thought until your post triggered that I had used it. I am 51 so not sure if it was prior to a certain year either.
    Regardless, email is 
    Thank you
  • Strongwoman
    @beachgirl @Sylviequebecbc
      Good Morning Ladies and any other ladies watching this thread.
      I have inquired about this with the Law firm that is taking this on. 
      One of the first questions they ask and are looking for is: "Was it Johnson & Johnson baby powder that you used? For how many years?"
      They are also specifically looking for Ovarian Cancer ONLY. I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer LGSC which is treated the same as Ovarian Cancer so that is an exclusion.  
     From calling in to the firm, there are 4 questions they ask you. I didn't get that far to find out what they were due to my exclusion. I did not give my personal info until I knew if my particular situation would be included or excluded. I did not ask about comorbidities and their roll in this. Which may be worth asking. Meaning which one came first etc. As it may or may not meet the criteria they are looking for.
      I, read articles on it before calling in and from what I could find, some researchers say one thing and others another. If you are looking into this, I would recommend doing a bit of homework and then deciding if you would or would not want to be part of the suit.
      For all those who are part of the suit, I hope you are doing well with your journey and that the eventual outcome of the suit isn't too lengthy for you.
     Take care ladies. I wanted to share this info with you should anyone be considering it.
  • @strongwomen@Sylviequebecbc
    I inquired about this 6 years ago and its taken this long to go to mediation in the states.  I'm not holding my breathe but, I did join after talking to the proper people,  Wishing you a happy valentines day.
  • BellaDonna1959
    edited March 2023
    @beachgirl - is it too late to join the class action lawsuit against Johnson Talc?  Please send info to me here or at  thanks