Treatment halted - growth after last 3 months of chemo

Where to start? How about the beginning……
May 2021 - Taxol & Carbo 
June 2021 - Taxol & Carbo (harsh reactions)
July + Aug. - Abraxane & Carbo
Aug. CT Scan - tumour shrinkage enough for surgery
Sept. - debulking surgery
Oct + Nov - Abraxane & Carbo
Jan. 2022 - April 2022 = parp inhibitor (Niraparib)
May 2022 - CT Scan (cancer back)
June - Aug = Caelyx + Carbo
Sept - CT Scan (tumour shrinkage)
Sept - Nov. = Caelyx + Carbo
Nov. - CT Scan (tumour growth in a few areas (0.6cm max.) + 2 small areas of shrinkage (lymph nodes)
Dec. 7th - Oncologist says I should take a break from chemo while I’m feeling good. Enjoy life for a couple of months. I’ll get a CT Scan the end of Jan. & start on a new chemo in Feb.  (Bevacizumab (Avastin) and Gemcitabine). It was hard to wrap my head around this decision and I had many questions.  But now I’m looking at it with excitement, and freedom….almost a feeling of remission.  So I’m going to enjoy this time and read up on these new chemo drugs because I know there’ll be a lot of info on this site.
Thanks for all your input of information which helps SO MUCH !!
all the best to you all,


  • StrongwomanStrongwoman Peer Support Vol
     WOW!!!  I know when you wrote this you were probably thinking.....Coles notes version. Curious, after you wrote it did you look at the list and say something?  Like "Damn I have been through a lot!" or no thoughts.  It is quite the list and it sounds like you need a break as well as looking forward to it.
    Here are 2 passages I found in a book called Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson that I would like to share:
    "For all that, waking up each day is a gift. It is a gift that is not reward for playing by the rules. It is a gift from the Gods, giving each living person the capacity not just to go on, but to go on as if he or she has been gifted, to go on in gratitude and wonder that all the things of the world that keep them alive have continued while they slept." 
    "Not everyone in the world knows what we know, fears what we fear, sees what we see, loves what we love."
    Something I ponder daily about.

  • TY Strongwoman……you had me in tears of laughter @ ‘coles notes’😂  and the passages were beautifully written❤️

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