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Ontario private insurance - suggest a good one please - our work insurance is ending soon

My Avastin is mostly paid for by my husband's private disability insurance.  His workplace is fighting his disability claim.  If he loses his case, I will lose my insurance.  Avastin is costing them roughly $5000 per month.  I am afraid OHIP or the drug manufacturing company won't cover it if we can't contribute to the cost (they approved it for me even though I didn't strictly fit the criteria for it).  So far, it has been working to keep my tumors from growing and spreading.  If you have private insurance in Ontario that has been really good about paying for your cancer drugs not covered by OHIP, please let me know the name of the company and what plan you got (such as gold, silver etc).  My husband's post-work insurance (rollover) will only cover $4000 in drugs per year - that's not even one month.  We are both 63 so we won't be covered by old age benefits for another 2 years.  Fighting for this benefit on top of everything else just causes us more unwelcome stress.  They are sharks. (We plan to get a good disability lawyer and fight it because his claim is valid.) Thanks.


  • Strongwoman
      I am sorry to hear all that you are both going through.  I would suggest speaking with your team and getting an appt with a social worker.  They would be able to let you know what is available to you and also may not have to pay in order to have drugs covered. All of this is based on individual situations and worth exploring.  That would be my suggestion to you.  I wish you well in whatever you decide and whichever avenue you choose.
  • @BellaDonna1959 gosh, it's bad enough trying to stay sane while fighting this disease and now to add this issue is terrible.  I really feel for you.  Your cancer centre should have a financial navigator to assist you. Ask your oncology team for a referral.  The one at my cancer centre does all the investigating for me regarding options to get medications covered. 
  • Thanks - I will look into it when the time comes :)