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Severe pain after IP port placement

Hi there,

I have recovered well from my debunking surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and was not too worried about the placement of an IP port to prepare for chemotherapy, as I expected it to be a minor procedure. But the pain after the placement, which happened three days ago, has been excruciating, almost worse than how I felt when I came home from the hospital after surgery. My oncologist had a look at it on Friday but thought it looked normal, although the skin is pretty bruised. After taking off the bandage today I noticed that the whole area is very swollen and tender. I am on strong pain medication and can manage but am pretty depressed as I thought I could enjoy the nice fall weather before chemotherapy starts. Has anyone experienced something similar? The procedure itself was also quite painful at times, the local pain management did not work too well. I wonder if the surgeon did something wrong. 


  • midcanada
    I had a port implanted mid-June and had no issues.  Tylenol handled my post-op pain very well.

    I hope you get your port site checked again by your Doctor as the swelling and pain could indicate an infection.

    I am sorry you had such a bad time with the procedure.

    I will be thinking of you and hoping things get better quickly.
  • Hello @Claudia I did not have an IP port so I cannot speak to it.  My comment is do you have a nurse you can call and ask about it.  We have Telehealth Ontario which is a 24/7 service in Ontario to call and ask instead of going to the doctor.  1866-797-000.  Do you have a nurse connected to your doctor who could help answer questions?  Please look into it.  
  • I have an appointment with my family doctor today to get it checked. I have slightly less pain today, thankfully. I know that it’s unusual to have pain
  • Hi @Claudia.  How did your appointment go yesterday with your family doctor?  I hope the pain and swelling has subsided for you?  
  • Thanks for asking! My doctor ordered an ultrasound but thankfully I have less pain now
  • Hi @Claudia.  Glad to hear that the pain is subsiding!  Have you let your oncologist's team know what is happening too?  They might want to check it out too depending on when you are due to go back.
  • Hi @Claudia, I had a regular run of the mill port, but the pain I had when it was put in was unbelievable.  Every one else I met or talked to said they had no problems with theirs.  It took about a week, but the pain and swelling did get better and finally went away.  I've had zero problems with it since.  I'm glad your doc is checking it out, and I hope everything is fine.  I just wanted to let you know that even when unusual stuff happens, you're not alone.