Keep getting an error message 


  • @grandma I'm so sorry you're encountering problems navigating our site.  Please know we're delighted you found us and we'll seek to fix your problem.  I have checked the back and and see that two discussions you tried to start fell into a back-end bucket called Reported Posts.  I went further and it appears that when you clicked a category for your two posts, that's the category you chose.  In fact, that category isn't viable and we're working on the whole list of them to make them more relevant and succinct.  I have changed the category for those two and you should find them in Introductions now. 

    I hope this fixes the issue and you're now able to create and respond to other's posts easily.  And do reach out to me or one of our PSVs if you encounter any other navigation problems.

    Welcome and look forward to having you fully engaged with the rest of our community.

    Fearless  - Moderator

  • Thank you very much.  I look forward to participating in  the many areas that are being offered within your site, whether it be mental, physical or medical.
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