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Pain Medication advice

hi all,  as i know everyone is difference in their pain tolerance and what works for them but i’d like some input,  as i’m a little dissatisfied in my team and feel the need to convince them that there has to be a better pain med for me …. i’m on tarmacet currently and it does absolutely nothing for the amount of pain i am in,  some days i can’t even get out of bed my bones and joints are constantly on fire specially my feet and hands ….. my legs(calf’s) are feeling like they are getting worse.   I’ve tried smoking a joint/edibles and they only help with giving me back a tiny appetite and make me feel relaxed ... long story short… …. has anyone had any luck on oxycodone? i’ve done research and i know the mg to ask for as it would be equivalent to what i’m on now but apperently it works better for pain ….. i’m not even sure if they can prescribe it….. i know i was reading some posts of hydro morphine but i think maybe i’ll ask about morphine first if the oxy is a no go as i can’t keep up with the pain 


  • Strongwoman
      I am sorry to hear that you are in pain and not feeling like it is being managed well.  I have learned something about pain meds since experiencing my recurrence.  There are some that are "short acting" and others that are "long lasting and slow release".  The first one you take as needed and the other one is usually prescribed to take 1-2 times a day.  I was switched to the latter in the last couple of months by my palliative doctor to help with my pain.  It has helped.
     Are you making your team aware of any cannabis products you are taking in conjunction or in replacement of your pain meds?  It is good practice to make sure they are aware.  
      It is always good to keep a daily journal of your symptoms and to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst possible pain and location of your pain(s).  Some pains can also be described as constant and dull achy while other pains can be acute and sharp.  This will also help your team if you can start describing it better to them as well. Pain can and will vary from day to day in severity and sometimes location as well. Pain can make us be people we don't want to be especially when it wears on daily.  
    As far as the bones and joints being "on fire", are you currently undergoing chemotherapy?  Or were on it and have recently stopped?  This could be neuropathy pain from chemo that you may be experiencing.  It took me a few months to get over mine after my chemo treatments ceased and know others on this site that it never completely goes away.
      Pain is one of those things that is so individual, depends on your own pain tolerance and what treatments work or don't work for you alone.  Walking is very good for pain, chemo and recovery from surgery as well.  Whether that be short walks with assistance and building up or whatever that looks like.  Movement is good and remaining in one position is bad from a healing perspective.  
      I look at it from this point of view, " I will move and do what I can, while I can, until it comes the time I am unable to".  This is a reality at some point in time and I am, personally, determined to keep my independence as long as I can as it helps me mentally.
      I hope some of this helps you and that you figure out something with your team.