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Hello All!   It is Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend and here I am sitting at my desk at home.  I struggled with category to put this in and also a topic title and after deciding am still unsure.
As I know I am not alone and face a very uncertain future, I have decided to start a project for my 2 boys.  One can look at it as something they will get when they move out on their own or something they will receive should the outcome for myself not be great.  Either way, it is a project full of love and has meaning for myself while I do it.  As I love baking and cooking and can do both still (most days), I found beautiful matching books that are probably meant for photos but I am using them to create a recipe book for them.  It will include a lot of their favs and some of the new recipes I try and they like.  Of course, my recipe books will still be there but this has an area that I can add writing to the side as well.  I figure this way, there will be no fighting if they match exactly.  For me, a lot of memories are steeped within food and gatherings or meals.  I still personally, love a homemade mac and cheese......simple and comforting.  I can picture in my head them making these recipes in the future and remembering where they were and who they were with when eating them.  It brings a both smiles and tears to my eyes as I picture it.  It is also something that will help me fill my days when I am feeling a little lost and unsure what to do with myself.  I have so many projects or crafts I can do and find myself floating amongst all of them.  
So, is anyone else out there doing something similar or different?????
I have included a photo of the book I found to pass along to them.....


  • @Strongwoman what a lovely idea. My son has shown some interest in cooking so have passed along some of my recipes as he asks for them. But to create a book, like your suggestion, I'm sure would be valued and leave a  bit of me for him to remember.   Thanks for sharing your idea.  "pick up book for recipes" is now on my shopping list.  
  • I’ve created 2 photo albums as a legacy project. One is dedicated to my daughter that includes my favourite photos of her and us together as a family from travels, birthdays and other important events.  Another album is dedicated to my husband and just us together.  Having so many digital photos it took me weeks/months to select the “best” ones and have them ready to print… but I am happy that I have those 2 albums for them. 
  • @Keepcalmandbreath
      Thank you for sharing that!  It must have been what I would call a "bittersweet" project.  I know mine is and right now as I write out recipes, it is something just mundane but when I organize and put them in the album, that will be my insightful and emotional moments. :)