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Initial symptoms and diagnosis



  • My follow up ultrasound is showing 2 cysts now - I've asked for a referral for a second opinion because they're still relatively small (2 cm) and no one seems concerned despite the potential risks.

    An MRI shows that I might have a brain aneurysm.  They need an MRI with contrast so they can see blood vessels better... but yay no tumour found.

    Doctor asked me if I thought my fibromyalgia is causing pain... I don't know I said.  She asked if I'd try a prescription for that would help fibromyalgia pain.  I asked about side effects.  She said dry mouth and sedation.  I said I'd try it.
    It's an ant-depressant... and sometimes prescribed for neuropathic pain for fibromyalgia... with serious side effects.

    I don't have depression, and I'm pissed that she lied to me.
    I'm meeting a new doctor on Friday.  

  • Hi @AlbertaKat.  I hope that the appointment tomorrow goes well and that you find this new doctor more helpful and responsive....
  • Hello @AlbertaKat and @CanaryBird - I have been thinking of you both and hope you are doing well.... 
  • Hi dear @Flowergirl. Thank you for thinking about us. I hope you are well! We can talk via private messages, if you will? Take care!
  • Thank you @CanaryBird, I have been focusing on my health and spending very little time online.  My new doctor is excellent, and believes that my health issues are not cancer related.  I’m cautiously optimistic.
  • Thank you @CanaryBird - I will direct message

    Hello @AlbertaKat - thank you for letting us know and we wish you well - we are also here if ever needed for a friend!