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Recovering from surgery

It has been 4 weeks since my surgery after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Finally received the pathology report “High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer”. First oncology appointment on Oct.5th to discuss treatment. Having awful menopause symptoms after going off bio-identical hormones. I am not sure what to expect and just feel lost and not really ready for chemo yet. Trying to be hopeful.🙏


  • @florence2022 I'm so sorry for your diagnosis but glad you found our community.  Here we are over 900 strong across the country, all of us here for you as your journey begins. 

    How you feel right now is understandable and normal.  Getting the diagnosis of a disease you probably know little about and waiting to discuss your prognosis and further treatment plan can be totally overwhelming.  Some of that despair should go away once you've had that discussion and as your treatment plan begins.  You'll should naturally shift your focus to what lies ahead.  

    Chemo itself is not usually as bad as you see in the movies.  All of us here have been through it, some many times.  I share your diagnosis of HGSC.  For me stage 3 and incurable.  But that said, I have lived very successfully (knock on wood LOL) for six years now while many of my sisters were lucky enough to have now reached five years with no evident (NED) disease following the primary treatment you'll be completing with the upcoming chemo. 

    Do ensure you get the OCC booklet By Your Side.  it is a wonderful tool to guide you through your primary treatment. Especially helpful as you prepare for meetings with your oncologist.  
    I take it, given your comment about menopause symptoms you're one of our YOUNG survivors. 

    You might think about joining in the Teal Teas each month on zoom.  There is one specific to your group and a great resource to compare notes with others with like issues to contend with.  The next one is on October 19.  You can register for the link to attend at

    And if you'd find some immediate exchange of questions and discussion please think about joining our weekly online live chat, Teal Thursdays, every Thursday at 1PM ET.  You don't need to register.  Just sign in to OVdialogue anytime between 1pm and 2pm and click on the discussion topic TEAL THURSDAYS and that will take you right into our discussion group.  

    Good luck with your meeting with your oncologist and getting your treatment plan any new questions answered.  I don't know the level of support you have among family and friends but know we are here for you.  In our community, no one walks alone.  So keep us posted on how you're doing and reach out any time you feel the need for help or encouragement.  

  • Dear Fearless_Moderator thank you for your time, wisdom and kind words. I am actually 67 and had a hysterectomy when I was 46. They decided to leave one ovary and Fallopian tube as my neurologist who treated me for migraines thought I wouldn’t do well on HRT. Sadly that is where the HGSC formed and spread to the outside of the colon. My Mom passed away at 57 from complications of OC. I had been complaining about pain in my upper right quadrant since May 2021 without resolution and finally asked for further testing.  I was 6 weeks from diagnoses to surgery and Dr Harry Brar (VGH) did an excellent job removing all the cancer he could see of feel. So here I am trying to move forward enjoy the moment and accepting support from family, friends and this very helpful support group.
    PS.I did stay on bio-identical hormones as the menopause symptoms continued late in life.