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Immunotherapy Trials

Hi I am reaching out to ask if anyone is currently doing any trials in immunotherapy for high grade serious platinum resistant ov cancer. My oncologist here in Kelowna, BC is checking into 2 of these that is currently enrolling ovarian cancer patients. I was considered platinum resistant after my tumors reoccured after last 3 chemo after surgery. The parp did not work and so therefore went on Avastan and Caeylx which worked and my latest CT scan in July 2022 showed no new tumors and existing ones show stable and shrinkage.
 my CA125 levels are now climbing as my oncologist feels it is no longer working. Before we continue with another chemo regiment my oncologist is checking into 2 trials.

1trial is Immunotherapy platform study in platinum Restistant high grade ovarian cancer.

 Durvalumab in combination with Bio Atla's BA3011 (mecbotamab vedotin) or Durvalumab in combination with Bio Atla's BA3021 (ozuriftamab vedotin).

Is anyone currently on this trial or was and if so how did your fair?   With side effects or results so far. I do realize everyone does react differently for side effects.

The 2nd trial is ....Study of TSR-042 an anti programmed cell death-1 receptor (pd-1) Monoclonal Antibody in participants with advanced solid tumor.
The drug is Dostarlimab.
Is anyone currently on this trial and if so how are you doing on it and has it shown to be effective. ( again i realize everyone can react differently for side effects and results) i did find some info about the 1sr trial i mentioned and can post the info i found.


  • Sorry the info is kind of mixed up and not in correct order trying to upload was difficult
  • @Eileen
    I could not find the 2nd trial you mentioned under the BC Cancer open clinical trials. Is that where you saw it? 
    Also, is the drug Avastin covered here in BC? I know it is part of your new treatment plan. I was told about a year ago that it wasn't covered. 
    Just trying to get prepared before I meet with my doctor tomorrow. 
    I hope you are doing well with your new chemo treatments. 
  • Good morning @hope2022. Yes the 2nd trial in kelowna bc. Canada cancer is the website. I will post it here. As for Avastan yes it is covered. It was just approved i believe early last yr. I actually did really well last week for my first new treatment today i go in for just my Gemicitibine. I am getting my port put in this month. Their are a few of our teal sisters still on Avastan. This one is a monoclonal antibody. Its not a chemo drug but given in conjunction with chemo. U can go on the actual website for this one. I asked my oncologist to keep me on this with my new treatment. You can only have so many regiments though with this one as well. I think up to 22 cycles i read. But then it all depends on your type of cancer etc. I truly believe this drug helped me keep me tumors from growing as it starves the tumors from getting blood. Along with the Caeylx i received. It explains it better on the website. Which is a bonus. I didnt get any side effects i believe from Avastan. At least none that i noticed. So i hope this helps you. Ill post the screen shot of the trials here. 
  • @Eileen
    That's great news your Avastan treatment went well without feeling side effects so far. I hope your chemo today goes well too. My notes about Avastan coverage were from last year, so good to hear that it is now covered. 
    Thank you for sending the screenshot for the trial. I was just looking at the ones on the BCCA website. The side effects from the drugs for both trials look fairly similar. 
    I'm not sure what I am eligible for until I see my doctor tomorrow. I was treated for HGSC, but some exclusions apply to me as my cancer was classed as MMMT, because there was a tiny piece of sarcoma in the original tumour. It always seems to make things a little more confusing.
    I appreciate you taking the time to respond, especially at this difficult time. 
  • Oh no problem at all @hope2022. Yep went in to find out just 1 treatment of the gem caused my blood levels to drop past the point where they had to cancel treatment this week. They told me someone left msg on my ph i said i looked before i came as i noticed my platlets and neutriphils were quite low. But i saw no incoming calls or msg. So another week to wait and redo my nlood work next week.
  • @Eileen
    I'm sorry to hear that your treatment got cancelled this week. It's distressing having to wait for blood levels to improve. I certainly can relate. Fingers crossed for your next treatment. 
  • Ty yes other than that i been feeling pretty good sure a bit fatigued and exhausted if i try to do some regular stuff i use to do with no problem but ok just say ok lets just do it in small amounts.