Walk of Hope 2022

StrongwomanStrongwoman Peer Support Vol
Good Day My Teal Sisters,
  First, to everyone who participated in the 2022 Walk of Hope......thank you and hope you had a wonderful time doing it.  It can be both emotional and physically taxing on oneself and extremely gratifying as well.  I hope it went well in every area it was held.
  If anyone wants to share their stories as to how it was for them, please post what it was like for you.  It would be enjoyable to read.
  I, will admit and embarrassed slightly, that I did not do my due diligence earlier in the year knowing that there was a local walk here and instead signed up for the Terry Fox Run next week.  I have raised money for it and look forward to walking it with a friend this coming Sunday.  For sure, next year my focus will be for the Walk of Hope and raising money for it.
  So, whenever anyone is ready......please share stories and any photos (if you would like) of the day.  If you were unable to do the walk and celebrated in a different way, how did that look like for you?

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