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Any chest pain on Avastin from time to time?

So far, I've tolerated Avastin twice a month and weekly Taxol quite well.  I had dry mouth & chronic sore throat from Avastin, but Biotin helped.  Now, yesterday and today - a new pain - mild chest pain.  I'm not too concerned - I've had angina worse than this.  I've put a call into the oncology nurse to let them know.  If it becomes more serious, I will go to the ER, but I do NOT want to spend 12 hours waiting in ER over a mild chest pain.  One of the side effects of Avastin is weakening of the heart, possible blood clots, heart attacks etc so I'm not 100% comfortable with this new symptom.  I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this and what it turned out to be. 


  • @BellaDonna1959 you're doing all the right things, especially the call into your oncology nurse and keeping an eye on the condition.  Let them guide you relative to ER or any more diagnostic assessment, unless it suddenly worsens, in which case straight to ER.  You don't want to fool around with the ticker even if means a long wait.  If your oncology support feels it's necessary to go to ER, make sure they flag ER you're coming in.   That usually moves me up in the queue at our hospital.  Otherwise I've been on Avastin and Caelyx since early December., with the Avastin twice a month.  Had only one experience of a short burst of a flutter in my heart beat.  They did check it out and couldn't find any cause.  It went away as fast as it came on and hasn't repeated itself so far.    Beyond that my side effects mirror yours plus a significant increase in fatigue.  
     Good luck, and hope it's not serious enough to impact your treatment.  
  • Seems better today.  Doc said to watch and wait as it was mild.  Reassuring that you had the flutter too.  I called it minor twinges, but 'flutter' describes it better - not really painful just a sensation.  Glad you have been on Avastin for a while with no more side-effects of note as it is reassuring.  So much to watch for with that one!  I'm going in for chemo today and he told me to tell the nurse about it and also that he was aware of it. Thanks for the reply.