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getting a port

Hi ladies,
Yesterday I had to have my surgery for my port. Now my question is how did everyone feel after this procedure?  I feel completely off today, I am miserable, emotional and my body just feels off.  I haven’t had chemo in 5 weeks as I was waiting the results of my ct scan to see where we go from here.  The good news is that my ct scan showed that all but a couple of my lymph nodes shrunk so that means my taxol treatment is working but they want to do 3 more rounds to help shrink the others, and since my veins have been through enough with 28 infusions so far, I needed this port.
I completely lost my shit with my poor husband today. But my emotions are completely all over the map today. Has anyone experienced this?


  • Fearless_Moderator
    I was fine and probably the fact that they used it for a chemo treatment the following day made me so elated not to have to go through the agony of another IV I didn't have time to get emotional if was going to.  Your feelings may stem from the invasiveness of procedure and walking around with something artificial implanted. Assuming they gave you some medication to relax you you could be reacting to that.   Do mention this to your doctor.  It could be normal and at least feeling you're not alone in the emotional reaction might help.  Or maybe just getting thru that first treatment using it. 

    I will tell you your treatments are gong to go so much easier and faster with that port.  Try to focus on that.    
  • Hi Z, sometimes the anesthetic that is used during surgery can cause some emotional reactions. Sometimes it’s the meds you take for discomfort afterwards or the antibiotics given to prevent infection at the surgery site. 
    Drink plenty of water to flush these out over the next few days; if that’s the cause you’ll feel better soon. Hope you do 🤞🏼