How Can I Help? Elly Mayday

Hello Ladies! 

You may or may not be familiar with my work but I have been public with my stage 3 diagnosis at 25. 
At that time I was just beginning my career as a model and decided to use my voice and platform to help bring light to the 
disease and the women facing it. I'm so proud to represent all the strong individuals I've met along the way. 
Please know I am so fueled by your love, support and the strength you all embody. 

My question is, where can I help you? What are some questions you have for me, what can I bring attention to in a broader sense? 
What topics would you like to see online both on the OvCa Canada site/social as well as mine. 
Just trying to support you as you have me.

Love the feed back and any discussions here will help me create content! 
Thank you <3 


  • Hello @EllyMayday - glad you have joined the site!
  • Hi @EllyMayday , I'm glad you have joined this Canadian online community, specific to oc. With your wide reaching social presence, perhaps more women will find their way to this community, and add it to their list of supports. If you can include the link in your tweets/messages etc, I think that would be a great way to help many women. The more support the better. Thank you for all that you have chosen to do to bring awareness to this disease, and to help women living with it. All the best to you in your own journey!
  • Thanks Jane, appreciate the message. I am happy to share the page. Im working with OCC’s social manager a bit more so I can create content to draw attention. Posting just a link gets such fewer views than posting with say a video or photo. 

    I guess I’d like to know what topics would you want me to speak about?Specific to when you’re diagnosed, going through treatment or adjusting back to life. 
  • I'm not sure, just by looking at how many topics have been started on this site, there is a wide variety of areas of interest. I suppose the ones with the most comments: recurrence, chemo / surgery advice, anxiety, fertility. 
  • Hi @EllyMayday!  Welcome to OVdialogue!  I'm sorry that my response to you is so tardy!  Lovely to see you on OVdialogue and offering to promote it on your site and to talk about topics of interest to survivors.  There are some great discussions happening - top ones seem to be anxiety, recurrence and exercise based on the number of views.  Cross-pollination sounds great!  How are you doing?  Back in NY?
  • Hey Marilyn, Thanks for the advice. Yes, back in NYC and I'm doing well. Looking forward to the year ahead. Hope you're well, excited to start some good discussions on my page for OCC. 
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