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@Fearless - Vol Mod Hi, I was just told that if I am not in complete remission that I am not able to get travel insurance for the US? Has anybody run into this issue? I am supposed to be leaving Monday for a weeks vacation, but looks like I may not be able to. Feeling so disappointed right now. 


  • @hope2022 a good question and one, about travel insurance for us, I've raised a few times without much success.  If you did into the videos on Ovarian Cancer Canada you'll find a short presentation from someone in the insurance industry but it's at least 4 years old so probably well out of date.  
    That said, unless it's a qualified broker of travel insurance who told you this I'd take it with a grain of salt and call a professional.  I'm thinking I'd go to Blue Cross first for the information but I think there are other providers out there too.  I'd also ask them or call the provincial government to confirm entitlements under your provincial health insurance for out of province/out of country travel.  And have you list of "what if's" to ask so you're clear under what circumstances you'd be covered and how much that coverage would be. 

    I know some of our gals have started travelling again so hopefully someone else will have better information for you, I"m sure you're get that sorted out so happy trails wherever you're headed. 

  • @Fearless - Vol Mod Thank you for your comments and always responding so quickly. I was able to get travel insurance for the US with a partner company to my local insurance company. It's a little pricey, but worth every penny! I hope you are doing well with your treatment. Thanks again
  • @hope2022 that's great news. Thanks for sharing
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