Is anyone on weekly Avastin - or only every 2nd or 3rd treatment?

Found out today my Avastin will be every 2 weeks, not weekly. Said this is the norm/standard of care.  Anyone on weekly Avastin? 


  • Hi BellaDonna. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am currently receiving Avastin every three weeks but I am on a maintenance medication schedule as I have completed my first treatment plan and received news this week that I am NED (No Evidence of Disease). I wish you great success with your revised treatment plan. Stay strong friend.
  • Hi @BellaDonna1959 So sorry you're having to continue to struggle with so much information.  It sure can be overwhelming at times.   My own treatment cycle consists of an infusion of Caelyx followed by an infusion of Avastin on Day 1 and then just an infusion of Avastin on Day 15 which is every two weeks.  The timing  of treatments can vary significantly and based on many factors like is the Avastin coupled with another drug, the purpose they're trying to achieve etc.  
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