Lynpraza and mastectomy

Hello…I was diagnosed with high grade serous stage 3 in March 2020. I found out I have the brca2 mutation gene.  I’ve been taking Lynpraza since September 2020 which great success.

I have 2 questions …

1. My gynieoncologist has strongly recommended I have a complete mestecomy…has anyone else gone through it and is willing to offer any advice ?  Obviously I’m following my doctors plan but wanted to hear from others. 

2.  My 2 years are almost up with Lynpraza and wondering if anyone has taken it longer then 2 years?  My oncologist is looking into it…so still on it until September.

Hoping to connect with others 


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     Good Morning!  Welcome to the group.  I, personally have not experienced either but other Teal Sisters have. Have you tried typing in the search bar any of the info you are looking for to see if anyone has posted anything regarding your questions?  It may help until you hear from someone with a similar experience.
    I am sorry you have to go through this and you sound like you have a good attitude or perspective on things.  
    How are you managing with everything?
    Let us know and what your outcomes are.
  • @CMacD what wonderful news the Lynparza has been so effective for you. And I suppose the recommendation for the double mastectomy is grounded in prevention.  It must be difficult to make that decision.  It's easy for one like me to say "just do it" but when faced with the actual decision not that easy.  That said I was just talking to a gal in our community who's struggling with both OVC and breast cancer and it's been pretty tough for her.  

    But as for the Lynparsa,  I was told that there are a handful of  women scattered around the world from the first trials on the drug who are still taking it 18 years later.  
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