Is anyone taking Trametinib to treat serous ovarian cancer? My oncologist just suggested I start this treatment,  want to talk?


  • Is it chemo or immunotherapy?  I am always looking for/interested in new approaches.    Tell me what you know, thanks. And good luck

  • @Sylviequebecbc
    Your post was the first I'd heard of Trametinib but understand it is available for use as a maintenance drug for low grade serous OVC.  Or at least that's how I interpreted what I read about it on the internet.  I immediately called a good friend to let her know about it and it turns out our mutual oncologist put her on it last year.  So she was already aware of it.  It was a quick call so not much time to quiz her but it didn't work for her.  I think after three or four months her cancer continued ot progress so they stopped the treatment and put her back on chemo.  You might want to know though that Janet, my friend, is in her 7th year of treatment and other than a bowel blockage for which she had to have surgery last year she's holding her own quite well. She's headed to Sunnybrooke in Toronto soon to discuss a possible trial so I'll keep you in mind when she reports back with anything that might be applicable to you.  

    I wish I could give you more on the Trametinib front.  
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     Hello. I am not on it but have been doing some reading regarding my own case.
    One study that was done showed that Trametinib in combination with Letrozole had an overall better effect than either one on their own.  Perhaps that might be worth discussing with your team?  It was an article/study that was from this year.
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      Here is the link to the article/study.
    "Trametinib versus standard of care in patients with recurrent low-grade serous ovarian cancer (GOG 281/LOGS): an international, randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 2/3 trial - The Lancet"
  • Thank you so much everyone for your comments. @Fearless- Vol Mod: i am sorry to hear this didn't work for your friend, that is a shame. I do hope they find alternative treatments for all of us!

    I am still waiting to hear if I qualify to receive this medication, and I will discuss the findings of the study with my team -( thank you @Strongwoman) .

    @BellaDonna1959 To answer your question, it is an oral chemo like medication, and from what I read, it is used to treat some melanomas, lung and thyroid cancer. 

    Have a great day everyone! 

  • StrongwomanStrongwoman Peer Support Vol
     Curious as to how you made out with being approved or not.  Or if you started it and how you are doing on it?
  • Hi @Strongwoman
    I have been approved and will be starting next week. Had to have blood tests and a heart scan before starting, and they will courier the meds to my pharmacy and should arrive on Aug 10th. 

    Crossing my fingers that this treatment will work!
  • We're all pulling for you @Sylviequebecbc.  Good luck with the new treatment and please keep us posted.
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