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I am scheduled for staging surgery in a few days. I am considered "lucky" by my doctors because they believe I am only stage 1 clear cell cancer. I had surgery a month ago to remove a large mass and my left ovary and they think they got all the cancer then. If there has been any metastasis, it is only microscopic I have been going back and forth on whether to remove my remaining ovary and uterus. I am 37, no kids but have a long history with endometriosis. I'm sad that I won't be able to have kids but with my history, conceiving may be a challenge so I'm sort of okay with that. From everyone I've talked with and who has replied to my original post, the consensus is to go ahead and remove everything. I have been reading online about hysterectomies and some of it scares me. I've read that after your bladder, bowels and other organs will shift positions, you may lose control over your bladder and bowels, you may lose feeling "down there" and others. I would like to know what things are like after the surgery and recovery and what side effects you guys have/had. I will also be put on hormone therapy and if anyone can shine some light that too that would be super helpful. And has anyone had the vertical abdominal incision, I'm super nervous about that?


  • I had an abdominal hysterectomy in Jan 2016, everything was removed. My incision is horizontal, and there is still quite a bit of numbness around the incision. Other than that, all other feeling is just fine, if you get my drift. As far as recuperation after surgery, it will take time. Don't rush yourself into anything. Listen to the doctor and the restrictions he gives you regarding lifting, exercise and sex. They are there for a reason! You don't want to extend your recuperation period any longer than necessary.

    I had some bleeding (spotting) for about two weeks afterward, maybe a little longer. Bowel movements were very uncomfortable for about three weeks. I would have pain before I had to go to the bathroom, a very strong cramp. Do whatever you can to keep your stool soft - fiber, Senokot, lots of water. It will take time for your organs to settle into their new position, but it will happen. Almost overnight the pain stopped, the bleeding stopped and I felt much better. Be sure to rest. Oh, and get some light tummy control panties to help support your belly. My poor hubby spent more time in the lingerie department than he will admit! Everyone is different and their bodies will heal in different ways. Not everyone has issues with bladder and bowels past the recuperation period.
  • Hello @Niki37 I had a hysterectomy in the fall of 2015.  I have had some bladder issues since.  Leakage a wee bit.  I also feel like I am about to get my period with some of the PMS symptoms coming back.  
  • Jackie
    Jackie Peer Support Vol

    I had a complete hysterectomy in October 2011 and they also removed my right ovary. It was the pathology report from this initial surgery that confirmed my cancer diagnosis. I haven’t had any significant problems with things such as my bladder, however I’ll admit that I feel a little bit different down there. According to my scans I think my organs have realigned slightly. I’m not sure, but I think over time the bowels or intestines have a tendency to shift into the spot where the reproductive organs used to be. In most cases this is not a serious issue and does not require any surgery or medical intervention. 

  • I am on day two after my latest surgery. I was able to go home only one day after and my biggest hurdle was passing gas. I am not a fan of hospitals and feel much better being at home. I spoke with my doctor before surgery and decided to keep my remaining ovary and uterus for now because I was so undecided and I am glad I did. Recovery for this one is gonna be hard, my incision is above my belly button down past the scar from my surgery last month. It's long and I will now have a cross scar on my stomach. I am waiting now for the pathology report to see what's next. Can I just say this really sucks. 
  • I had a radical hysterectomy Dec 1/17. I had no spotting/bleeding, and have a vertical scar. No issues with my scar other than a bit tender. I take senekot every other night as a preventative measure as bowel movements were a bit painful at first. Drink lots of water. 
    I am stage 1c, grade b OC. Not sure what treatment I am having..I see the gyne-onc and chemo doc tomorrow. I have had a few pains like spasms...thinking its organs shifting, etc.
    I hope your surgery has gone well if you decided to go ahead.
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @KarenMari53 - welcome and glad to hear you are on the road to recovery from your surgery. Lots of support here for you. 

    Hello @Niki37 - how are you doing now?- I see from the post your surgery was back in October - hoping all is well.
  • @KarenMari53- I had a radical hysterectomy in Sept 2015, and at that time, I was diagnosed with stage 3b serous OC. I was put on Tamoxifen and watched closely. In June 2019, recurrence! Between the original diagnosis and the recurrence, I lived a full normal life. Was told recurrence do not always happen. Stay strong!