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pains, electric shocks in the abdominal area?

I had abandoned debulking (nothing done/too much spread) so I had pain from the surgery. Then 3 rounds of carbo & taxel - pains continued but I thought it was the surgery recovery. Turned out C & T didn't work -tumors grew bigger.  I've had one round of weekly taxel - more electric shocks, pains, bulky feelings- is this the chemo or the growth and activity of the tumors?  What a horrible thought - that they are continuing to grow and spread in there.  On the other hand, if it IS the chemo - that would be something of a relief - what was/is your experience? Thanks.


  • Strongwoman
    So sorry to hear you are going through this.  Have you discussed what you are feeling with your team?  What were the results if so? As far as growth itself of a tumour, I would like to say you wouldn't necessarily feel it growing per se. Some of the discomfort people can feel is a result of the location of it and in relation to an organ, usually.  We all don't want to think about the spread and growth of a recurrence but it is a reality that it does occur.  It is individual as to how our bodies respond to different treatments and after effects thereof.  Chemo can have a direct result on the nervous system and could be a reason you are feeling some of this and this can be felt even after chemo treatment is finished.
    I am unsure as to what you mean by "bulky feelings" can you elaborate on that?
    I am not sure if you have read, but I too am experiencing a recurrence and due to my being low grade serous there is not as much available in clinical trials as there are for high grade.  I am going with the faith that Letrozole may work and/or my team comes up with a solution for me which will help to keep it at bay at the very least.  The location of one of mine is the biggest concern and is a reason as to the discomfort and symptoms I have been having and continue to experience.  Perhaps this will diminish over time and maybe not.  We will see.
    I would urge you to speak with your team if you have not already regarding your experience in symptoms.
  • Thanks.  I will mention it all for sure.  Just heavy and bulky all around the abdominal area where it is attached.  They never shrunk any of it or took any of it out - just left it there to grow and spread - so not really a recurrence, but still not dealt with the first time yet.  Sigh...