Has anyone had treatment in the USA - could you answer some Q's share the experience?

Just wondering if anyone sought and/or had treatment in the USA when Ontario docs told you there wasn't much to offer you? Is it so crazy expensive it can't be contemplated or was there a source of funding from OHIP or private insurance to seek treatment there?  We are just an ordinary middle-class couple, with some private insurance over & above OHIP, but we do have equity in our home.  Looking at all our options after depressing news last week...  Where did you start?  I have heard there are more advanced treatments available there.  Thoughts? Experiences?  Thanks. 


  • @BellaDonna1959 I believe Annie1950 was exploring support from the Cleveland Clinic in the US and may actually have had some treatment.  I'm copying her here @Annie1950 in hopes she sees this message and can respond with her exerperience.  There is one other who has her foot in both California and BC and If I can recall her screen name I 'll put the  two of you together
  • thank you!

  • Hello @BellaDonna1959 - when doing a research on treatments of OC in different countries, including US, I came across a few instances where cancer ablation therapies were used in certain OC cases. I understand Sunnybrook hospital was the first in Canada to have highly specialized cancer ablation therapy machines (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in US, a world leader in cancer treatment and research, lists those machines in treating certain types of OC). I am seeing my oncologist (a routine follow up appointment) next week and am going to ask about this therapy and who may qualify. 
  • Thank you so much.  I really need some hope right now - I appreciate this very much.  
  • Hello @BellaDonna1959 - just a quick update on ablation therapy - my doctor said that they would not normally treat OC (or any other peritoneal cancers) with this therapy. Sorry for not having any positive news😒
  • Thanks for letting me know - I wonder what 'not normally' might mean?  I could ask my onc.  Thanks again. 

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