Side Effects from Avastin

The complete list of side effects possible for Avastin are truly scary.  My PMH oncologist wants me on Taxol and Avastin weekly starting next week hopefully to try to slow the growth of my rare and very aggressive stage 3C ovarian cancer spread everywhere in the cavity.  What has been your experience on these drugs?  Obviously, if it gives me more time, it's worth it...


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    Hello @BellaDonna1959
    I have read your post and have you tried typing Avastin in the search bar to see what others have said thus far about it?
    Reading about side effects can be scary and anxiety can also creep into this as well and it is very difficult to not experience this.  I think one should consider (when looking at side effects) is this, not everyone experiences them (and/or) all of them at once. Some have no side effects at all.  Sometimes our choices for treatment aren't great as they do cause some side effects and it would be wonderful if they did not cause any at all.  It is not the reality and we have to make the decision as to what is best for your current state and what the risks are should you decide not to.
    As you mentioned in your last sentence, you have to weigh what benefits/risks are regarding taking or not taking them are and how you want to proceed with things.  It is great to be informed and then use this information to discuss with your team as to what would be best and unique to your own situation.  Have you asked about going on it and then if you are not tolerating it well, what options there are? 
    I wish you the best in whatever decision you choose.
  • @BellaDonna1959 I'm going into my 9th cycle of Avastin/Caelyx next week.  Day 1 of each cycle is both drugs, Day 15 is just an infusion of Avastin alone.  As Strongwoman mentioned, we all react and respond to our treatments in our own unique ways.  For me, the only side effect I can attribute to Avastin is my hoarse vocal chords and dry mouth.  Totally tolerable when I think of the positive effect Avastin is having on making my Caelyx treatments stick.  And for me, the list for Avastin isn't particularly scary to me either.  Nothing there I haven't experienced from other drugs and was able to manage then as I would expect now if they occurred.  The more annoying for me are the Caelyx side effects and so far I"ve been very lucky that they haven't hit me so far.

    But wise of you to research before committing. I always think be prepared for what we could expect is half the battle in managing side effects that do arise.  Good luck to you.
  • Thanks for this.  I met with Credit Valley onc who will oversee my treatments.  He cautioned me that Avastin may not be covered as I'm 'platinum refractory' rather than 'platinum resistant' but he will go to bat for me with the government and have the hospital go to bat for me with the drug maker. It's always some damn thing or another.  I start Taxol alone next week- low weekly doses - until we sort out the Avastin issue.  
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