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Ovarian cancer scare

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and hoping to learn and getting some support. 

My story began when my period started to become irregular since August 2021. Prior to that my period has been every 28 days on the dot after I had kids. since August, my cycle ranged from 23 days to 40 days, there was one time in 12 days. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, thought it could be a side effect from the Covid vaccine (I had my 2nd dose in July). Also I’m 48 years old, my doctor didn’t think it was alarming. All was good until April 2022, I started to have some mild dull pain on my lower left abdominal area then extended the pain to the back. The pain went away an hour later. It happened again on the next day, same time, same kind of pain, and went away after an hour. This kind of pain happened two more times. On the fourth time, the pain was more intense, but a heat pad helped and the pain went away after a few hours. On May 18, the pain happened again for the fifth time and this time became very intense, I felt pulling, cutting constant pain and nothing helped. The pain was so severe I vomited a few times. My husband call an ambulance and I was sent to the hospital. At the ER, they did a CT scan for me. CT scan found a 10cm cyst on my right ovary and a 8.5cm cyst on my left ovary. The report said possible endometriosis or ovarian cancer with a bit of haziness found in the omentum.

from there I was referred to a gynecologist oncologist and did CA 125 which came back at low normal. I was referred to do an transvirginal and abdominal ultrasound. The report came back inconclusive. The ultrasound found fluid filled cysts with solid components with a little blood flow that caused concern. All along my family doctor thought it was possible to be endometriosis as I had a history of very pain period pain when I was younger that ended up at emergencies. But according to the ultrasound report, the oncologist said it didn’t look like typical endometriosis and I require surgery to remove the cysts along with both ovaries plus full hysterectomy and send for pathology to check for cancer. The oncologist said right now befire the surgery he couldn’t give me a diagnose as both CT and ultrasound were inconclusive even though my CA 125, other blood test and urine test came back normal. I’m scheduled to have the laparoscopic surgery on June 30.

I have no family history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. Besides the sudden pain that happened those 5 times since April, I have no more pain. Never feel bloated, no frequent urination, no other symptoms. 

I’m very sorry for the long post, but this has consumed me emotionally with a lot of anxieties. I can’t help but keep researching which I know I shouldn’t do that, but I can’t control myself. I’m totally stressed out, cry often and lost my appetite. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with panic attacks. 

If anyone have similar experiences, I would love to hear from you. I’m extremely worry I may end up with cancer and has already spread. I’m so depressed. 


  • Strongwoman
    Hello and welcome to the site!
    It is difficult to hear the words "cancer" or possibility of cancer without experiencing emotions. This is the place to vent and meet others who have "walked the walk".
    First, you should get your free printed or digital copy of "By My Side." Here is the link
    "Ovarian Cancer Canada - Support and Resources"
    You may find it helpful.
    Just to be clear, you have been referred already to a gynecological oncologist?
    Or are seeing a gynecologist?
    Either way, it sounds like they are exploring 
    things so they have clearer picture as to what is occurring for you.
    Often with cancer diagnosis there is no genetic link with a diagnosis. I have had my genetic testing performed and personally don't carry a hereditary gene for it.
    It is very difficult to not research and read material on what it may or may not be. This does increase worry when we do as our minds takes us places that tell us "what if"?
    Have faith in the medical team you have.
    It may be good to find some hobbies and keep yourself busy during this time.
    Journaling can help as well.
    Not eating and experiencing panic attacks is not good and perhaps you can speak to someone on your medical team about it. They may have some suggestions for you.
    As for the spread of cancer, none of us know that as it is usually found as we undergo the process. This type of cancer is known for going undetected often until symptoms appear. This by no means is saying one way or another that you have it, these are facts of the disease itself.
    You will soon find out the answers you are looking for and a plan will come into place.
    In the meantime, reach out when you need to, we are here for you.

  • Fearless_Moderator
    @kitty123 I am so sorry you've been left with such anxiety.  Not that it's any easier with a clear cut diagnosis but in the absence of information we normally start filling in the blanks and with the dark side of things.  Try as best you can to stay positive.  Right now OVC is a 50/50. And if the pathology following your surgery comes back positive, there is much hope to hang on to. Even those of us who were diagnosed in advanced stage are benefiting from the zealousness researchers and pharmaceutical companies have been applying to this disease in the recent past.  

    Strongwoman above has provided some great information to help you through the short term.  We can add to that if there is a need for more depending on your diagnosis. But do rely on the Ovarian Cancer Canada website for accurate and current information on this disease. I caution you about searching google or Facebook.  But the guide she recommended, By Your Side, is truly a Coles Notes of what you can expect if the diagnosis is positive for OVC.  

    I know the prospect right now is terrifying, but we have close to 100 woman on this site who've all walked in your shoes at some point; many of whom are long long term survivors and others, like me, have incurable recurrent OVC but live fulfilling lives with the disease.  

    You mention you're under 50 so you might want to consider dialing into one of the Teal Teas.  There is one, of the three that OCC sponsor, for "young survivors".  The next one is July 20 and you can register to receive the Zoom link on

    Also think about joining our weekly online live chat every Thursday at 1PM ET.   The group, some regulars, others who pop in from time to time, connect with each other on all kinds of topics.  It's a warm , inviting environment where you can get immediate feedback to any questions you have.  Just go to the Discussion Topic TEAL THURSDAY on the home page of OVdialogue, sign in a usual, and click on that link to join the discussion board.  

    Do let us know how you're doing, and what we can do to help.  If  it is OVC, you'll find you'll feel much better once you have a treatment plan and we are all here for you to help support your journey to wellness again.  We'll be thinking of you on the 30th.....with love and prayers.