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Surgery for recurrence?

Has anyone had surgery for their 1st recurrence?  If it wasn’t an option, what was the reasoning behind that decision?


  • Hello @LUCY_BC I did not have a surgery for the 1st or the following 2 recurrences although it was considered by my surgeon at PMH. The reason being is the place where tumours are located (just around the liver) and the fact that there are a few deposits. In other words, it is not very local and in the place easy and safe to reach. 
  • Fearless_Moderator
    It's often the configuration of the cancer or location relative to critical organs or nerves.  For me, my OVC is not distinct tumours. I have bands of cancer cells, most inactive and the active ones are what they track.  Impossible to remove the bands unfortunately.  But chemo is very effective at keeping the dormant cells dormant and shrinking the active cells.  

    There are standards of treatment but no "one size fits all".  Even within same Types and stageing there are differences between survivors where treatment has to be customized to the individual. 
  • I had a radical hysterectomy in response to my 1st reocurrance. Surgery was April 2022 and they could not get it all because I have mets throughout my reproductive area, abdomen and lungs. I feel SO MUCH better, once recovered from the surgery...which did take a a full 8 weeks. The exhaustion I felt, following surgery was next level so...I rested, slept and took small walks every day.  I'm now doing more rounds of weekly chemo...which I started within 3 weeks of my surgery day. 
  • @ChristineBeverley - how did they keep the left over cancer from spreading/growing during your recovery?  Did they have any treatment for you during your post-surgery time?  What chemo did they put you on after the surgery?  Thanks.  I got negative views from a surgeon I spoke to saying it would all come back faster than I could recover.  Hmm....
  • Strongwoman
    I am experiencing a recurrence of LGSC but it is being aggressive in nature.  So far my understanding is that they will not do the surgery as the risks don't outweigh the benefits, location of such etc.  My Gyno Surgeon is presenting my case to the tumor board to discuss any and all options. From not just one doctor but a couple of them, they stated that every time you are opened up surgically it poses risks due to adhesions, etc.  Every case is different both in the type of cancer you have, location of recurrence and better options that are out there for you.  
    I hope this helps.  Where are you at with things now?