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Bad News - told it's terminal - need advice/success stories please

Sadly, tumors have grown, high grade serros spread throughout peritoneum.   Chemo (Carbo & Plax) will be stopped. They will be looking at non-surgical options to give me more time such as trials, immunotherapy and other combinations of chemo possibly.  No positive genetic testing results, I'm happy for that for my family.  I'm not giving up hope, but it's considered terminal and a matter of months, not years. I'm going to continue to fight though.  I don't understand why they aren't trying a different platinum drug combination - I've read here I'm sure, that people had better luck with a different combo -tumors shrunk and eventually they had the surgery and are still here.  Oncologist said I'm platinum resistant??    Please share anything you know.  I've asked Princess Margaret for a 2nd opinion.  NOT GIVING UP THE FIGHT - just could I please catch a break, universe??  If you had similar news and/or treatments and something else worked for you - please share- I'm fighting for my very life.  Thanks. 


  • @BellaDonna1959
    I have read your post and my heart goes out to you. Definitely not news any one of us wants to hear. Hearing this is difficult and each and every one of us will respond and absorb the news so differently.  I can't even imagine what may be going through your head emotionally and mentally.   It does sound like you have a lot of fight in you yet which is good.
    Have you informed your family? How is your support system?  
    I, have as well received my genetic testing results and was thankful to hear that it was not positive for anything hereditary.  
    I do believe that there are other Teal Sisters out there who have been informed they were "platinum resistant".  I am sure they will comment when they can on that.  
    I am hopeful for you that the non-surgical options may be an option and may prolong your longevity. 
    Please know we are all here for you anytime you need.
    Kindly keep us posted as to how things proceed for you as well.
  • My support system and family are great.  
  • That is so wonderful to hear. <3
  • @BellaDonna1959
    I've already shared my experience as a platinum resistent patient on your other post so won't repeat myself. but yes we have many many survivors on this site who are platinum resistence either from day 1 or developed resistence over time.  As I told you, I am on Caelyx/Avastin.  Gals I know are on Caelyx/Gemcitabine, Caelyx/Taxil, some just Avastn or Gem and strangely and something I don't understand are on high doses of Carbo even though they are resistent to platinum based drugs. those are the mixes I hear about wtihin my personal network and on this site.  If I recall a number of the gals to farily regularly participate in our weekly live on line chat are also platinum resistent, ans still with us and expecting to be for a long time.  You might want to join one of those chats, even as early at today at 1pm ET.  Just sign in to Ovdialogue and clicin on TEAL THURSDAY on your home page.

    Easy to say, Stay Positive, Be Optimistic but I know how hard it is.  I've turned the corner three times now when I've thought there would be nothing for me only to find a wonderful surprise ahead.  I call them my little miracles and hoping for one for you too. <3
  • Thank you so much - it is very encouraging.  I appreciate it.  I'd love to hear from others and will attend Teal Thursday today if I can. 
  • I agree, I’ve read so many different chemo combinations… you have to hope there’s one with your name on it.  I love your fighting attitude.