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Chemo Scalp Acne

I could use some insight or commiseration. I’m 47, and 2 cycles into an estimated 6, with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel, for Stage 2A, high grade serous epithelial cell ovarian cancer, having had a large tumour removed, as well as a full hysterectomy, in late Feb 2022. I buzz cut my hair in mid-April, then shaved it mid-May when it started falling out. And now, it is fully broken out, so incredibly itchy and sore, and some bumps look like cystic acne. Is this just ‘normal’ or is there something they can do to give me some relief? The worst part is that it looks so bad - the last shred of vanity is being stripped away.  Please let me know if something worked for you! 


  • I’m so sorry that you’re suffering through this along with everything else you’ve undergone. Our skin can get dry and sensitive during treatment  and might develop contact dermatitis to all sorts of things like detergent or soaps that we had no reaction to before. There are prescription creams that can help to resolve this kind of over-sensitivity but there are many possible causes, including hormonal changes and stress. Contact your oncology team so they can diagnose and either treat or refer you to a dermatologist. 
    In the meantime, no matter what the diagnosis is, use products that are fragrance and colour free  (usually advertised as ‘gentle’ or ‘for sensitive skin’). Pat, don’t rub,your scalp dry, and try to keep it uncovered as often as you can. 
    Best wishes to you. Let us know how it goes. And hugs, big hugs full of understanding
  • Thanks @HoldingOn. I’ve emailed my oncologist asking for a referral to the BC Cancer dermatologist now…

  • @StikineSister I"m so glad you've reached out to your oncology team for an appropriate referral. An oncology dermatologist is definitely what you need. Don't try to treat it with home remedies.  
    Gosh its bad enough all that cancer and treatment do to us and to have that added to the mix must be so maddening. I"m sure there's a miracle prescription waiting for you. Good luck and keep us posted.  I would be interested to know what treatment they do use.
  • So, BC Cancer referred me back to my GP, who has prescribed Cephalexin 500mg orally 4 x / day for 10 days and a topical prescription lotion that I can’t remember the name of and can’t pick up til tomorrow. In the meantime, I have Aveeno baby shampoo and Cetaphil sensitive skin lotion, as recommended by the nurses hotline. So, fingers crossed for some relief soon!
  • @StikineSister
    I'm so glad they felt the  appropriate resource to recommend treatment was your GP.    I hope it all works for you.   I'll add to the crossed fingers that you get some quick relief.  Keep us posted.
  • Hope this treatment resolves the problem for you quickly, Stikine Sister. Does your doctor think this is an infection or a side effect of the chemo or something else?