eye infection

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hi everyone....my eyelid keeps getting red and swollen after my chemotherapy treatments....i put warm cloth with salt water on it but it keeps coming back....any other ideas on what to do.....thanks


  • Hi @stello.  Sorry to hear about the eye issue.  It's not one that's come up often, if at all, in our discussions but you might want to type in "eye" into the search bar on the upper right of your screen to see if there is any relevant content.

    That said, your first line to solve your problem is your cancer care team.  It's important that the problem is properly assessed.  Irritation, inflammation, infection etc. are all different as is their treatment...and the relationship to your chemo needs to be factored in.  If your oncology team has recommended warm cloths with salt and it isn't helping then reach back out to them for other options to consider.  

    Our community will share their own stories if they have one that's relatable but keep in mind we all respond and react to treatment of any kind differently.  What might work well for one, might be problematic to another.  Please ensure before you try anything recommended or that you source outside of your own healthcare team that you vet it with your oncologist first.  

    I do wish you luck resolving the problem.  

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