Nerve pain in the abdominal region

I had surgery (nothing done) and am now on the first round of chemo.  My abdominal region is firing 24/7 with nerve pain - stinging electric shocks.  Is this Chemo working or surgery healing?  Can anything help it hurt less?  Thanks. 


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    @BellaDonna1959 I'm so sorry to hear of the discomfort you're experiencing. I don't think this is anything any of us is qualified to diagnose though.  Please check in with your surgeon or oncologist asap, and if the pain is unbearable go to your nearest emergency centre given it's a holiday weekend.  I do hope you find some answers, and more so some relief quickly. 

    A PS though.  I had some unsuccessful surgery to fix a hernia back a two years ago. They went in using the laparoscopy procedure, found they couldn't get at what they had intended, and closed up the three incisions after poking around and taking pictures while in there.  The healing process and related discomfort for that, for me, was far worse than when I had the full debulking surgery five years earlier.  
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