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Hospital anxiety

Hi everyone,   I had a follow up appointnent recently and I started to get anxious a week before.  My appointment time was changed 3 times which heightened my stress.  I arrived and was shown to the exam room and had to wait an hour and a half for my gyne oncologist.  I have to admit I  had a real breakdown in that sterile, clinical room with only my own thoughts.  I'm lucky as I am a year and a half in remission,  I just can't control the craziness that goes on in my head when I have to go anywhere near a hospital.  
Thank you for being with me on this journey 


  • Fearless_Moderator
    If it helps, these delays and wait times are so common with the effects of Covid on the medical systems and capacity.  Hopefully that will ease up soon.  We all share those dark thoughts when left alone to ponder how we are, what's next if anything. Worrying about recurrence doesn't really get easier but try to learn to find things to occupy your mind and turn your attentions elsewhere whenever you can. And do remember, with the improvements in treatment the past couple of years more of us are living longer and better....even long term cures/remissions seem to be increasing.  

    Regardless, we are always here for you, even if the need to share those thoughts, as you did above, with a group who do 'get it'.  

    Big hugs and my vote you stay NED forever gal.....stay strong.  
  • @Fearless - Vol Mod
    thank you,  I  do try to keep my mind busy.  It's just such a reality that at any time the sneaky bugger can invade my body again.
    I have found great comfort making quilts, planning designs and immersing myself in my joy.    I hope we all are NED forever.   
    Thank you and stay strong ❤❤ fight like a girl!!