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Hi I have a wig I purchased before starting chemo. After losing my hair I found I was very comfortable not wearing a wig. I never wore it and now am looking to donate it to someone who could use it. Does anyone know where I could donate my brand new wig.  I live in Ontario


  • Most of the cancer centres accept donations to pass on to new patients.  I'd check with them first.  
  • To all my Teal Sisters.....I went thru pain in my scalp, shaved my head and accepted the loss of my hair. I was and still wear little hats which I don't  mind at all...but just recently I was looking for something else since my regrowth is slow, the hair texture is different and so is the new 'grey' color for which I had not have the chance to transition to...Therefore I went to look at some beautiful  wigs and found exactly the one I wanted as for the style and color...I feel like 'ME' again...its like 'A facelift with a wig'...I have received so many 'WOW' from friends/family...they all thought it was my real hair. I feel good about myself and proud of what I went thru.  I am not ashame of my look either before and after the new wig.
  • You look great!  It suits you well. 
    I’ve restarted taxol and am looking at my options. While having no hair for those hot summer months has an appeal, I’m not sure I’ll be entirely comfortable in public.  Your grey cap is the kind of cover I’m looking for; may I ask where you bought it?
  • @HoldingOn....the brand is Jon Renaud...purchase at Razors Edge Hair  Salon and Wig Boutique in my own town Timmins can contact Laura Breton/Gervais at 705-267-7355 or  also has 'LIVE' video every Tuesday at 7pm  on facebook which she demonstrate different type of wigs. Her price are very reasonable...One advice...I would go bamboo material in the summer time as it breeze better...This little grey cap was and still is my favorite....was about $35-$40...worth the price & quality...Laura is super and down to earth ...You will be at ease with her...Good luck ...P.S.  I dont worry of what people would say or think about me anymore and I feel so good about myself and that is what you have to feel also....Look Good and Feel Better!... thank you for your nice compliments.  
  • @Brigitte All i can say is "WOW".  You remind me of a gal who's become one of my best friends.  I met her five years ago on my first visit to our local support group. For months I admired her hair and then, when the opportunity arose to compliment here on it she told me it was a wig. I never would have known had she not said something.  Even though she's had full hair growth, she still pulls it out on those "bad hair" days as a quick fix.  

    Thanks from all of us for sharing your pictures and your sourcing information.