Fasting for healing

I am going to do a dry fast and see if it will help me. I read the book by August Dunning “Dry Fasting for Rapid Healing…” and want to try it. Has anyone out there done this? How was it? Did it help? I am not holding my breath, but i figure it cannot hurt! Cheers!


  • Hi @Sylviequebecbc thanks for sharing your plan with us.  I hope there are others who can share there experience with you. Regardless, I hope you'll give us updates. I know I'll be interested to hear how it goes.
  • Hi @Fearless - Vol Mod, I will post my journey and share my results! My fast will start May 27, last for 5 days. The prep has started with 24 hour fasting every week, so I fast after Sunday dinner to Monday' dinner, so far so good! 
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