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Fasting for healing

I am going to do a dry fast and see if it will help me. I read the book by August Dunning “Dry Fasting for Rapid Healing…” and want to try it. Has anyone out there done this? How was it? Did it help? I am not holding my breath, but i figure it cannot hurt! Cheers!


  • Fearless
    Hi @Sylviequebecbc thanks for sharing your plan with us.  I hope there are others who can share there experience with you. Regardless, I hope you'll give us updates. I know I'll be interested to hear how it goes.
  • Hi @Fearless - Vol Mod, I will post my journey and share my results! My fast will start May 27, last for 5 days. The prep has started with 24 hour fasting every week, so I fast after Sunday dinner to Monday' dinner, so far so good! 
  • Hi ladies!
    Well, I have started my dry fast today, and spent the last 7 days preparing myself for this, cutting out all caffeine, alcohol, sugar, wheat,milk product, carbs and all I have been eating mostly veggies, pulses and fruit (in moderation). Feeling a slight headache today (not as bad as the first day after I drank my last coffee!), a bit tired but still ok. 

    I am heading to the retreat later today, wish me luck!

  • 31 hours and counting! I feel good this morning,  slept pretty well last night. It sure help to be somewhere away from home and free of food! 

    The retreat is peaceful and oh so relaxing! Sharing some pictures in a minute. Bye!
  • Fearless
    What a beautiful and serene place. What is the name of the retreat?  I'm sure the change in scenery and air will make a huge difference.  Glad the fast is going well too, although you did consult with your oncologist before you made such drastic changes to your diet?  Was he/she on board with your plan?  
  • @Fearless - Vol Mod 
    the name of the place is Centre Val Santé,  Rawdon Qc.
    And yes, I did let my oncology team know I was planning to do this and they were encouraging! The nurse practitioner told me that she has read some scientific article recently about fasting and cancer, told me to let them know how it goes! 
  • Fearless
    Thanks for the information.  I must check it out.  Part of my family lived in Rawdon for years and still own a cottage on Lac Clair.  Just the pictures alone make me feel calm.  
  • I cut out all sugar, alcohol and am juicing veggies and fruits every morning.  I strongly believe in making our bodies as inhospitable to cancer as possible. Cancer chooses sugar/glucose to feast on  first, so it makes sense to limit the cancer cells access to it.  I have also heard that semi-fasting during chemo can enhance the effects of the drugs on the cancer. We will see.  Looks like a lovely retreat - let us know how it goes. 
  • Thanks for your post @BellaDonna1959
    I have cut out sugar for 3 years now, and I have been doing intermittent fasting over the last 3 years too, and I hope that slowed down my cancer, so this is my new thing to try, and so far I am 66 hours in with no food or drink, I feel tired, but not too hungry or thirsty at all! And to my surprise,  I am still voiding light yellow urine!

    The retreat where I am doesn't encourage more than 3 days of dry fasting, so as of 2200 ET tonight, I can start rehydration. I probably will push it till morning,  then do water fasting Monday and Tuesday,  then start liquid food Wednesday and Thursday.  

    On June 20th, I will have my next PET/CT scan, and I will let you all know if what I am doing now has helped! Fingers crossed. 

  • Good luck! 

  • Hi! I finished my 72 hours of dry fasting, started drinking water only at 2230 last night. Feels so good to drink water! 
    So tomorrow is my last water only day, will start fresh vegetable juice on Wednesday am. Almost done! 
    I felt good today, still tired but otherwise ok. 

    Bye for now!
  • Hi Ladies! Almost done! I am breaking my fast today at 1300, and all went well. I have a PET scan June 20, will let you know if my fast helped.

    Of course, I have to follow a  diet for a while to maximize the benefits of the fastv while  my body continues to clean my toxins and unwanted cells. 

    So, fingers crossed! Bye for now
  • BellaDonna1959
    edited July 2022
    @Sylviequebecbc Any updates? 
  • My latest scan shows "stable progression" I am not sure the fast helped or not...