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New - Pre-treatment stage - still waiting for test results- so hard

I'm 62 years young, full of life, love and happiness, enjoying my kids, husband and grand kids then 'wham!' told in the ER like 'You need an oil change': "Your abdominal cavity is full of cancer."  Since then, a biopsy (results to come), a CT scan - lesions in the omentum and peritoneum (they haven't found the original tumor but suspect ovarian as my CA-125 result was in the 300's.   An MRI confimed CT results.  Lung CT clear - having a bone CT next week, surgery to debulk cavity and do a hysterectomy tentatively scheduled for April 5th.  All along "hurry up and wait...this is urgent and serious.. we can fit you in in a couple of weeks"  What????  The hardest part has been and is the waiting...and not knowing what is to come.  They suspect at least stage 3, possibly 4. Scary.  Any success stories would be a treat right now.  Thank you for listening and for welcoming here.  


  • kastoyles
    edited March 2022
    @BellaDonna1959 - I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis - the waiting and the associated anxiety don't help the situation.  I was 61 when diagnosed (only retired two months) - after my hysterectomy - Stage 1 Clear Cell. I went through six rounds of chemo and passed my fifth cancer-free anniversary in November.
    Request a copy of By Your Side from Ovarian Cancer Canada (here is the link):  It will answer many of your questions regarding diagnosis and treatment etc.
    Check back often with OVDialogue, ask questions, rant and rave (we've all been there!). Glad you found us @BellaDonna1959.  Stay strong!  You got this!

  • Thank you! 
  • Fearless_Moderator
    @BellaDonna1959 I'm so sorry to hear what you've been dealing with. Most of can feel your anxiety and terror. We've all been there....the diagnosis that comes out of nowhere, a cancer we know nothing about nor anyone else who's had it. But there are lots of success stories and when you really think about it, success for this disease comes in two forms. Yes, obviously treatment and no recurrence. That wonderful 'cure" that lasts forever.  But there is also success for those of us who couldn't be completely cured but have found ways, through all the new developments in treatment the past five years, to live with this disease long term. kastoyles, who you heard from first is one of the former. I"m one of the latter now in my sixth year of recurrent OVC but still living large.  

    Yes do order By Your Side as kastoyles recommended. It's a very valuable guide from diagnosis through primary treatment and will answer many questions you have now, and will have as your journey progresses. And use the OCC website itself as a source of information to rely on for being credible and honest.  There you can find out about the latest developments in treatment, lots of stories about our Teal Sisters, resource and events to tap into.  If I can recommend anything to you it's arm yourself with as much information and knowledge as possible so that you can make informed choices about your treatment.

    I know how anxious you must feel waiting for each step.  Try to take a deep breath.  Once they pull together the results of all tests to inform your treatment plan it may sound like long gaps between activities but you'll find it moves like the speed of lightning. And when you have questions in  between, or maybe just feel the need to vent, we are all here and with you all the way.  

    Do think about joining our weekly Thursday live online chats.  It's a great way to connect with other members one on one.  Or try one of the monthly Teal Teas if you're comfortable with the zoom platform.  And if you need any help navigating OVdialogue or even the OCC website please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

    Please keep us posted. Know we're here for you when you need us.  And know our thoughts and prayers are with you for successful treatment upcoming. 
  • Thank you.  I will follow up with your suggestions too.