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Hello from Calgary

I work as a mail clerk and live with my husband and our 4 cats.  I enjoy traveling to BC to visit family on Vancouver Island.  I am back in good physical condition and have kept my hair its' natural color since it has grown back. 


  • @Lindsey55 -so glad to have you with us and hear you are doing well and you've joined the ranks of the 'natural hair colour' ladies. In my case, the natural colour is salt and pepper with way more salt than pepper. I just passed my fifth anniversary since last chemo and continue to be NED. Four cats? Wonderful! We used to breed Cornish Rex cats and at one point we had 13 in the house...was very glad to see the kittens move on to their forever homes.  Ah...the memories!
  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi @Lindsey55.  Welcome to our community here in OVdialogue.  So very happy to hear you're doing well.  We do love our good news stories so if you have a moment and are comfortable to share more about your journey to wellness we'd love to hear it.  
    Please reach out any time you might feel a need for support as well.  You may be doing well physically but emotionally this journey can take a toll on us from time to time.  So we're all here for you if that is ever the case.  And in the reverse, words of encouragement and support to members here who do reach out for help is always appreciated.
    Wishing you continued health...and gorgeous hair..