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Anxiety and fatigue

I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in July 2016. I had debunking surgery followed by 6 rounds of chemo (carbo and taxol). Finished the chemo November 2016 and was found to be in remission in January. In August had slight rise in my CA125 and requested a CT. Found a cyst in my vaginal vault, but my oncologist was not concerned. She also suggested that I should stop having my blood tested as it was not a good indicator of a reoccurrence for me. It was only 34 when I was diagnosed.  My biggest problems are the extreme fatigue (worse than while on chemo) and the constant anxiety attacks. The chemo also left me with permanent tintinitus.


  • Hello @Teddybear.  I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.  I hope you have gotten some attention from your oncologist for these things.  I hope a blog like this can help with your anxiety.  I try to keep my mind off the issue by doing things.  I play cards, bingo or word games on my phone.  I read and I watch sports so I try to keep the stress down.  Are you exercising because that might help with overcoming fatigue.  I had it but continue with aquafit classes and have started Pilates and walk.  It is a vicious circle but to overcome tiredness sometimes you have to push harder.  I feel better after exercising.  All the best. 
  • Thank you CurlyHair, I do exercise and walk the dog for a hour a day. I sometimes wonder if the fatigue is caused by depression. My husband is in a long term care home with early onset dementia. He doesn't know me anymore and I find I am having trouble dealing with the guilt and grief. 
  • I am sorry to hear about your husband Teddybear.  Is there any support available for family of dementia patients for you to contact and discuss?

  • Hi @Teddybear.  I'm so glad that you joined OVdialogue and hope you will find some support here for the various things that you are dealing with.  How difficult for you that your husband has dementia and not only can't be there to support you, he doesn't even recognize you.  That must be terrible for you and you indicate that you are young woman, just 34 when you were diagnosed.  That is so young so be dealing with this. I had a family member with dementia so I do understand your grief.  It is so sad. What do mean about feeling guilty too?

    The anxiety, fatigue and tinnitis are also so hard to be dealing with all at the same time!  There are a couple of other discussions about these things that I would encourage you to check out.  In the anxiety discussion, people have also posted pictures of their pets :) .  You might want to do the same.

    You also mention that you wonder if you are  depressed.  I would encourage you to talk to one of your health care providers about this and your anxiety and fatigue - for example,  your family doctor, your oncologist or a counsellor or social worker at the cancer centre.  If this is the case, there would be help available. @CurlyHair 's suggestion about support for family members of people with dementia is good too. 

    Have you ever contacted the Alzheimer's society or asked to talk to someone at the long term care facility where your husband lives?

  • Hi @Teddybear and @CurlyHair.  Just want to let you know that this discussion was moved to a different category in the community.  I moved it from "New Here, Read this First" to "Just Wanna Talk?".  This second category is where all the other discussions are listed so it will be easier for other people to find it.  
  • @lcorkum wrote:
    I am 1 year and 5 months post chemo. I am finding that I am still going through periods of fatigue. I just don't have the energy once had. The doctors at the clinic don't seem concerned but I am struggling a bit.  I only have so much energy to go around.  Has anyone had this experience? Will I get my energy back?

    Hi @lcorkum
    You might want to connect with @Teddy and @CurlyHair about your fatigue issues.   
  • Hello @lcorkum I saw Marilyn's comment regarding your fatigue.  My fatigue lasted during the chemo.  It would come and go.  For me I had to get out and at least walk most days.  Some days I had to tell myself I will feel better after I get some exercise.  This turned out to be true.  You must try to mentally push through it and find something to do if not already.  I also was able to do aquafit.  I would plan my days ahead for the week and if I could not go exercise on a day I would say ok next day and maybe get a walk in.  I do not like staying in all day anyway. I have not found the same issue you where a lengthy period has passed and still extreme fatigue.  As time went past after chemo finished the fatigue disappeared.  Please try to just get out and let your body get tired and start again the next day.  
  • Flowergirl
    Welcome @Teddybear and @lcorkum - thank you for sharing your stories. For me, it did take a while for my energy to increase post chemo. Thank you @CurlyHair - I agree, I tried to do some type of activity. (I walked laps in my house and up and down the stairs - slow and gradual once the DR gave me the ok to exercise). The local Cancer Centre also offered Physio and Yoga classes for those in post treatment and that really helped. 
    It is difficult when you are used to being active before the cancer/diagnosis/surgery/treatment ... then there is recovery and finding a new way to be active. I hope you all find what works for you and know that it may change over time.