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Clear cell Carcinoma

Hello ladies,
I haven’t seen any post lately from any person that had posted in the past regarding this type of cancer. I just wanted to say that I keep you all in my prayers and thoughts ( all of you regardless the type of ovarian cancer) and I that I would like to chat with you to see how you are doing after treatments, during treatments etc just want to hear from you. Hugs 🌷


  • @msf72 - I'm a clear cell patient - diagnosed in January 2016 with Stage 1C. My tumour had a breach and the doctor was concerned that some cells may have escaped to my abdomen. I received six rounds of carbo/taxol - finishing in July 2016. I just passed my fifth anniversary and 'graduation.' Doing well, coping with the COVID 'stuff' and anxious for spring!
  • msf72
    edited February 2022
    Congratulations @kastoyles for your graduation! I am very happy for you 🌷Thank you for getting back to me. Some times, I feel a bit discourage when I don’t see posts from Clear cell patients. As you might probably seeing in my past posts I have a recurrence. This time the tumor grew up and a very tricky area between my pelvis and leg. We are still in the process of decide what is best for me. The chemo didn’t do much ( same drugs than you) less rounds though and the targeted radiation seemed to have done something so I am going to wait and get another scan in 3 months so we can compared imaginings. I’ll be also seeing a vascular surgeon to get his opinion for a possible surgery. Thanks God the cancer is inside of the tumor so the main side effect I having now from radiation is a horse bite feeling in my left leg (inside part ) that some days isn’t too bad and others not so good Lol. I am here feeling well, hopeful, GRATEFUL to be alive and with a lot of faith that I will be able to graduate one day like you did! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Spring is almost here! Take care 🌷
  • Fearless_Moderator
    Hi @msf72
    I"m so glad to see kastoyles did respond to you.  I know it's concerning when you don't see any activity among those with your type.  But it is one of the rare ones so fewer of our members, at even then we generally only hear when there are questions or concerns. Often it they are not active on the site they don't see the call outs like you posted.  Over time i'm sure there will be others.  And you can use the search bar to find those members and reach out to them in private message yourself.  Just type in Clear Cell and up should pop the discussions and comments and the screen names of those engaged in those conversations. 

    It sounds like you have a good plan moving forward. Recurrence is always disappointing news but hopefully yours is under control and stays that way.  
  • @msf72  I'm so sorry to hear of your recurrence and also the unusual location. Hopefully the radiation will make a difference and allow further treatment to remove the tumour. As always, it's a waiting game, isn't it? Glad you are feeling well,(other than the horse bite!) and hopeful and positive! I'm rooting for you and know you'll graduate one day as well!  Stay safe, stay strong! <3
  • @kastoyles @fearless thank you both! 🌷♥️