Has anyone had much success with this drug?  I am thinking of taking it as I am BRCA positive


  • Hello Courtenay I have to say I do not know much about it.  I am reliant on my oncologist and my GP and gynaecologist to assist me with medications as there are many.  There is also Avastin.  
  • Hello Courtenay @Courtenay I post a comment but forgot to attach the ampersand connection to notify you.  That is what this is for.  
  • Hi @Courtenay.  I see that you have not had many comments about peoples' experience with Lynparza. Are you still looking for information about the drug?  Lynparza is one of a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors.  PARP inhibitors interfere with the ability of DNA in the cancer cells to replicate itself.  This can lead to cancer cell death and has been found to be more effective in BRCA positive cancer.  The benefit of Lynparza is that it has been shown to increase the length of remission - the time between the end of one round of treatment and when the disease recurs.  This is called "Progression Free Survival" or "PFS".  I can give you more information about these results if you are interested. 

    At the national level, Lynparza has been approved for use in the treatment of BRCA positive recurrent ovarian cancer and pubic funding of the drug has also been recommended specifically for those with platinum-sensitive, relapsed BRCA-mutated high grade serous epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer who have completed at least two previous lines of platinum-based chemotherapy.  However, even though public funding has been recommended, each province now decides whether or not Lynparza will be funded by their specific health insurance program.  This is why funding may be available in some provinces but not others.

    You don't mention whether or not your doctor has recommended that you take Lynparza or whether they have discussed with how it would be paid for.  To gain access to Lynparza, the drug needs to be prescribed by your doctor. The physician or you, as the patient, would then need to contact AstraZeneca’s Patient Assistance Program for information on financial coverage, including coordination of coverage at 1-877-280-6208.  Your doctor should have all this information and know how to go about it.

    Do you have any other specific questions?  What are things you are considering as you make this decision?

  • Thanks Marilyn.   I found that very helpful for myself to ask my doctor about at the next visit.  
  • I've been on lynparza, for almost three weeks now.  The side effects are much easier to handle than other chemo drugs.  I just hope it works.
  • Hi @Courtenay.  Glad to hear that you are finding the side effects easier to handle!  I hope it works too!  I am @mentioning a few people as I believe them may also have some experience with olaparib @Vivig @birdee ; @AndreaB
  • I have not been so lucky with lynparza   nausea is horrible
  • Andrea, i don't suppose ginger would help with nausea?  Maybe it will get better once your body grows used to the stuff.  How long have you been on, and do you think is effectual?  
  • Hello AndreaB I was thinking that there are prescription anti nausea out there that your doctor can give you.  I have had it with the chemo treatment I have had in the past.  It has been very helpful.  It is called ondansetron under the brand name Zofran.  Not sure how it would pair up with Lynparza but could be asked about.  
  • That drug is very constipating, but I don't know what else is out there.
  • I’ve just finished my second round of chemo, this time 9 treatments of Carbo/ Taxil. I’m not NED this time but the tumours have shrunk a whole lot and many are gone. My Oncologist has prescribed Olaparib as maintenance therapy to hold the cancer at bay. I don’t have a germ line BRCA mutation, but apparently it can work in about 24% of women without BRCA.  Not great odds, but I have my fingers crossed. 
    I’m wondering about side effects as I’m told they can include relentless nausea, diarrhea, joint pain and fatigue. Anyone else out there on these drugs? Did the side effects diminish over time?
  • Hello @Courtenay @AndreaB and @Nanakaw - hope you are doing well. I have been reviewing some of the topics on the site and wondering if you can share your experiences again - as to where you are now with the Lynparza / Olaparib treatment. Thank you in advance for sharing. 
  • Hi flower!
    Thanks for asking!  The drug lynparza is working for now anyway.  I am so happy and surprised!  I feel great on the drug with only just a few side effects.   I had 5 spots under 2  cm which have shrunk by a few mm.  How is everyone else doing?
  • Hi Flowergirl
    I’ve been on Lynparza for a month. The first two weeks had no side effects but last two weeks I have the worst foul gas, some bloating and a bit of diahreah and nausea. Also I’m more tired than I was before. I’m seeing my Oncologist this week so may get some more insight. 

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