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Follow up and a few more questions

I have taken your good advise and have had a physical with my local Dr. and currently have seven medical tests to determine what may or may not be happening with my body.  My symptoms of being light headed, nauseous, feeling sick, weak legs, body chills on a regular daily basis continue. Oh yes, continued fatigue, but that seems to be normal for us chemo/cancer survivors.  With the exception of a few days these symptoms are part of my life and have been since the middle of October.  It is beyond wearying. As mentioned I have several tests to be completed over the next three weeks, but I do have a question about  a Leukocytes and a count of 75, this was in the urine as is red flagged as unusual. I did contact the Dr.'s  office and was told my results had been viewed and if there was a concern I would have been contacted.  I have booked a phone consult for next week to get some understanding of what this means. I am not concerned about this being cancer, but would like to know if anyone of you out there have had this sort of reading and what it has meant.

On a note of background. In May of 2019 I went to the Dr. as was feeling very unwell and my blood work showed lower neutrophil numbers and some elevated Leukocytes at 15.  Nothing was done and it wasn't considered noteworthy.  I continued to feel unwell and saw a Dr. several times, multiple blood work was done and everything was always fine and so we attributed it to a to busy a schedule, maybe a ulcer, etc. etc.  Finally in January of 2020 doing a ultrasound the tumor was found and it was stage 2B Ovarian cancer.  We have had a CT scan in November of 2021 and my blood work and tumor markers are all great, however I cannot help, but feel something is being missed as what I am experiencing  is not normal in any way. 

Thankyou very much in advance for any insight any of you may have.  I am grateful for each day and all that I can do even when feeling crappy.