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2022 SPEAKER SERIES - Getting to Know Your Oncology Pharmacist - January 26

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Originally planned as a presentation /discussion on Fear of Recurrence. that topic has been moved to March and replaced on January 26th with another very valuable session "Getting to Know Your Oncology Pharmacist".

Your oncology pharmacist is there for you throughout your cancer journey. Oncology pharmacists are medication experts and assist in the decision-making process, counsel patients and address concerns that may arise from the patient or caregiver.  

In this session led by Erin Francis, Oncology Pharmacist, learn how your oncology pharmacist works with the other members of your healthcare team and how their expertise helps in managing your cancer treatment and throughout your cancer journey.  

This 90 minute session  will comprise a 60 minutes presentation by Erin with 30 minutes to allow for Q&A

The link to register will be provided shortly here, and will also  be available, along with more information, on the OCC website at in coming days.